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Adjusting Your Sun Optics Mount




 Step 1 . Review the picture above of the AA mount's ring saddle (lower part of the scope ring) and note the position of the split ring. If mounting and using your AA mount for the first time, look carefully to make sure that the split ring is in the center of the saddle ring on both rings. It should look like the picture above. Put your scope in the rings, attach the top of the rings to the ring saddle and position your scope. Place a bullseye or dot on a piece of paper, aim and shoot. Check the pellet's point of impact. If adjustment is necessary, detach the top of the rings and remove the scope. Follow the instructions in Step 2 below.

Step 2 . If your goal is only to replace the split rings within the saddle rings, first loosen the Set Screws, then loosen the Adjustment Screws (one on each side), and lift off the saddle ring. The split ring simply unscrews by turning the split ring counterclockwise. Replace by screwing on the new split ring and replacing the saddle ring. Note that the adjustment screws push against the holes drilled in the side of the split rings. You are now finished.