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Beeman Kodiak .22 Copper Coated

Beeman Kodiak .22 Copper Coated
  • Beeman Kodian .22 copper coated round nose pellet
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SKU B-3250DG
Manufacturer Beeman
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Round Nose .22 Copper Coated Pellets

Beeman has fielded a lot of questions from customers about the potential danger of handling lead pellets. We can attest to that because we (Straight Shooters) get many of the same questions. And the answer is that as long as pellets are not placed in one's mouth and as long as the shooter washes his/her hands after a shooting session, lead pellets pose little if any health hazard.

However, regardless of the answer, many shooters just aren't very comfortable with handling lead pellets and even less so about having them in their yards after shooting. So Beeman came up with the idea of having a "low-lead-contact" pellet made for those shooters. They took a standard lead Kodiak pellet and had them coated with a covering. This copper cover is very thin but keeps one's fingers away from the lead of the pellet. The covering is so thin that it doesn't affect the accuracy or velocity of the pellet yet minimizes the shooter's exposure to lead. 

Now a customer now has available a great option to be able to get the power of the lead pellet without the exposure to it.  These pellets are slightly different in weight, but all other characteristics are the same as the original Kodiak pellets. In addition they are excellent for keeping your gun's bore much cleaner because there is no lead dust left behind in the bore.  If lead exposure is something you want to avoid or you are just looking for a cool looking pellet you'll want to try these pellets.

Head Type
21.12 gr.
Round Nose


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