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Beeman P3 .177

Beeman P3 .177
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SKU B-2360
Manufacturer Beeman
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Pneumatic Pistol

When you see and hold the Beeman P3, you know that you have a serious pistol in hand. Its design, and even its weight and heft, gives a solid feeling of the very best in the world's semi-automatic handguns: the looks and feel of guns which are the choice of the top military and police forces of the world. The similarity of the P3 to a fine firearm is astonishing. It even sports a simulated decocking lever, magazine release button, trigger guard shaped for two handed firing, The cartridge ejection port and the muzzle opening is an awesome 9 mm (.38) caliber! A very solid rail is built into the top frame.

The Beeman P3 is the first quality air pistol to join the ranks of the now elite polymer firearm pistols now being produced in Europe and America. That is, it is a marriage of the finest ordnance steel critical parts wrapped in super strong, fiber-reinforced, space age polymers like the famous Glock and the latest Walther firearm pistols. The very reasonable price of this gun represents a manufacturing shift to a more efficient, better method of construction, rather than any reduction of quality.

This pistol is simply in a much higher league than the lower grade plastic and/or pot metal air pistols, even ones of higher price that depend on gadgetry features, such as inaccurate rapid fire, for their sales appeal. Not only does the P3 embrace a quantum leap in material technology, but it benefits from the functional evolution of valves and other key internal features. It looks and feels like solid German quality, and it is!

Pulling back what appears to be the hammer allows the top frame to be swung up as a charging lever. Just swing it forward, insert the pellet, and then swing it back to compress the air charge-an easy, natural action. An automatic safety prevents "beartrap" closing or accidental discharge. This top frame contains the beautifully rifled steel barrel and the front and rear sights, all as a single rigid unit. The sights cannot get out of alignment with each other during cocking.

As a single stroke pneumatic, the P3 has absolutely no recoil or spring jump. A functional, built-in muzzle brake prevents any tendency for muzzle flip. Couple this steadiness with its wonderfully crisp trigger and you have a pistol which just naturally shoots accurately offhand - not just from special testing clamps. The P3 allows you to practice very quietly and inexpensively. With the P3 you can place all your shots well and will help you shoot even more accurately with a good firearm pistol. The P3 is not only a practical pistol, but it is a joy to shoot!

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Nov 2, 2017
After much consideration, decided to step up from the Beeman P17 (MIC) to the Beeman P3 (MIG by Weihrauch). At over 7X the price (in US), what does the P3 offer that the P17 doesn't, lets see...

The P3 overall has a better build, a better finish and a more solid feel in the hand. Components are machined stainless steel (sears, springs, pins, hammer, cams, valve parts) and the external trigger, safety and over lever lock parts are aluminum. Hammer, sears and cams have very squared and trued contact surface areas that provide smooth interactions and increase reliability. Out-of-the-box, the excellent precision 2-stage trigger has a 1st stage 6oz-1\2" adjustable pull, with a crisp break-like-glass 2nd stage set at 15oz...Nice!

The polymer frame assembly reminds me of the Glock polymers...solid, strong and light. The exterior texture finish is rugged and tactile and grip ergonomics is near perfect. Combined with the aluminum piston and pneumatic cylinder, the overall weight is well balanced and the pistol has a solid feel in the hand. When I don't pull a round, with the iron sights I was able to quickly zero in my POA and readily shoot 10 yard 5-shot cloverleaf groupings within a .250 spread (RWS Hobby 7.0g WCs)! The P3 comes with a lifetime warranty (only to original purchaser)...the P17, just a 1 year warranty.

The P3 and P17 shoot about the same velocity and have similar accuracy (possibly P3 a slight hair better). Both have 15oz triggers (P3 2-stage, my P17 single stage-after mod), both sears break like glass, both handle almost identically, both have excellent accuracy and both load pellets - compress pneumatics (over lever pump) equally! Where components are top notch in the P3, the P17 has stamped steel parts that may or may not be as reliable.

IMHO, if your wanting\needing the extra durability the P3 offers, or possibly the reliability\longevity it may bring, even though it appears at this time to be a relative equal in the accuracy department, then 7X the investment certainly could be worth it! However, if you want\need to be frugal with your air gun investment, willing to put in the time and effort to tinker-repair-upgrade-mod a P17 (if\when needed), then this option is certainly also worth it!

Advantages: Well Built, Great Trigger, Solid Ergonomics, Accuracy, Quality Components

Disadvantages: Stiff Safety Selector (my unit)
Roger Andout
Oct 14, 2017
The Weihrauch HW 40PCA by another name. Great accuracy, light trigger, eat anything. @ €135 cheaper by far from Portugal

Advantages: Great accuracy, light trigger, eat anything. @ €135 ($155 equivalent) cheaper by far from Portugal. Great as an intro gun foe beginners to air shooting and also for plinking.

Disadvantages: For what it is, there are no disadvantages I can see.
Mar 4, 2015
High quality and accuracy

Advantages: An excellent trigger that is adjustable for the length of the 1st stage. Light weight and comfortable to shoot. Well made. Mine shoots very well using, cheapo, Beeman coated pellets which will be my warm weather plinking pellet. Overall, an impressive piece of work that's much fun to shoot.

Disadvantages: I see no way to clean the barrel from the breech end other than using something flexible like weed trimmer line, and so, some cleaning pellets might be in order. The owners manual is just about useless

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