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BSquare scope mounts are available in fixed or adjustable configurations. BSquare mounts are made from high quality aluminum and the adjustable versions are a tremendous help in compensating for the typical barrel droop found in many air rifles. The fixed BSquare scope mounts can also be used with all air guns featuring an 11mm scope rail or dovetail.

BSquare 17021 1 Piece Adjustable Riser

Adjustable 1 Piece Medium Weaver (Top) 11mm (Base) Adjustable Riser

This is an adjustable 1 piece adapter/riser with an 11mm base and a Weaver top for use with most rifles. It's purpose is to allow the use of  Weaver mounts. One end can be raised to counter any barrel droop if needed.

BSquare 17076 1 Piece Riser

Fixed 1 Piece Medium Weaver (Top) Slotted (Base) RWS C-225 Pistol Adapter

Designed for use with the RWS C-225, Walther, Baretta CO2 pistols
Accepts standard Weaver scope mounts
Allows easy access for changing rotary magazines
BSquare 17585 1 Piece Mount

Adjustable 1 Piece Medium 1" (Rings) 11mm (Base) Mount

This mount was designed for rifles that have 11mm dovetails or scope rails such as BSA Super 10 air rifles. It is also an adjustable mount which is helpful for any gun that has a bit of barrel droop. Please be aware that barrel droop is not a rifle issue but is rather a scope issue. Barrel droop does not affect a rifles velocity or accuracy. It is simply a condition where a scope does not have enough elevation adjustment to get the rifle on target. In that case, most of the needed adjustment is done with the adjustable mount and the scope's adjustment is just used for fine tuning.