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Do-All Traps

Do All manufactures a full line of clay pigeons, sporting clays, clay pigeon throwers, do all traps and accessories. The clay pigeon items aren't used in the air gun world, of course, but we sure do use the Do All Trap continually for indoor air rifle and air pistol shooting. The Do All Trap is designed for use with air guns of all powers and is safe and quiet for indoor use. If you don't have a Do All Trap, you just aren't aware of what you are missing.

Heavy Metal Pellet and Bullet Trap

Use with: Any Air Pistol or Air Rifle (see below for recommeded distances)

This trap is a really solid trap made of heavy sheet steel. Weighing in at 20 pounds. and is ideal for shooting indoors. It 's large size (10x11 inch targeting area) allows the use of large paper targets and the heavy duty metal will stand up to the most powerful pellet guns. It allows for recycling of the lead pellets. Use with lead projectiles only! The Do-All trap dissasembles for easy storage and transportation.
Minimum recommended distance for any Air Rifle through .25 caliber - 25 feet. Minimum recommended distance for higher caliber air rifles - 25 yards.
Please note that paper targets are not included