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Eun Jin

If power is what you're looking for in an air rifle, be sure to check out the Eun Jin Sumatra and Eun Jin Sumatra 2500 in 22 cal and 25 cal. When you couple these rifles with the popular Eun Jin pellets in 22 and 25 Eun Jin pellets, you'll have a deadly hunting combination. Regardless of which caliber you choose, power is the name of the game with these rifles.

Eun Jin .22 Pellets

Eun Jin .22 - Round Nose Pellets

The Eun Jin pellet is designed for the heavy hitting guns such as the Air Force Condor,  Eun Jin Sumatra and Evanix series of guns.  This pellet is for use in hunting guns and packs a hit that is unmistakable.


Head Type
28.50 gr.
Round Nose


$10.66 (save 25 %)