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FX is a manufacturer of PCP air rifles. Some of these rifles have air tanks than can be purchased separately to be used as spares in the field. Check out our site to see which air tanks are available for use with the FX Tarantula, FX Black Widow or FX Cyclone air rifles.

FX 148cc Air Cylinder

Charging, Air cylinder (148cc) for FX airguns

The standard size air cylinders on some FX air rifles is 148cc. However, if more shots are needed, the air cylinder can be replaced with the longer 181cc tank. The air cylinders do not apply to all FX rifles so check it out with us before ordering if you aren't sure.

FX Barrel Stabilizer-16mm

Use With: FX Cyclone, Super Swift, Typhoon

This barrel stabilizer marries an FX air tube to a 16mm shrouded barrel for extra strength and stability. The barrel stabilized will fit all standard FX airtubes with the extended end.  This stabilizer is designed for barrels with the shroud measuring 16mm.

FX Fill Port

Use With: Standard FX Air Tube for Cyclone, Super Swift, Typhoon

This fill port fits on the end of the FX air tube. It allows for the use of a standard FX charging probe.
(Fill probe not included) and will allow you to add the FX Barrel Stablizer to your FX air gun.