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Sportsman all over the United States know the Plano name. Whether one talks about Plano boxes, Plano tackle or Plano gun cases, you'll find a product to fit your needs. In our air gun world, we make full use of a number of Plano pistol cases such as the 10402 Deluxe 2 pistol case, the 10404 standard size single pistol case, the 10505 large pistol case or the 10089 pistol case with under storage compartment. All are molded cases of high quality and superb looks. All are under the name of Doskocil (a Plano subsidiary) and are available on our site.

Pistol Case

Use With: Small to Medium Length Pistols

This particular pistol case is used for short and long pistols such as Beeman P1's, P11's, P3's, Webley Altra and HW70's.  It is a single layer case that allows room for a scoped pistol and pellets.

From the Gun Guard DLX  Series this sturdy case will hold one to two pistols safely.

* Strong aluminum valance
* Swivel handles
* Durable full length hinge
* Lockable latches

Interior Dimensions
Length - 17.25 Inches
Width - 13.50 inches

Plano Gun Guard Deluxe Double Gun Case

Use For: Store and Secure a Mounted Air Rifle

Deluxe Series
Rich black color and sleek styling give this case its "classic" look.

From time to time, customers ask why Plano uses so much foam in their gun cases. After all, foam is very expensive. Plano is quick to answer that yes, foam is expensive, but after 37 years of making the best-selling gun cases in the industry, they have learned the protection advantages that foam offers.

For instance:
Proper cleaning and oiling of your air rifles before placing them in your case actually "ages" the foam and acts as a retardant against rust.
Full interior foam allows you to place your air rifle and accessories in multiple positions within your case.
Plus, the thick foam in the cases enables them to withstand extreme treatment.

The double gun case will accommodate even the Theoben Eliminator mounted with a scope. Please be aware most airguns require more space than a standard firearm. This case, while called a double gun case is actually meant to hold two unscoped rifles. And that means that it will only hold one scoped air rifle depending on its size.


Inside - 51.75" x 13" x 3.875"
Outside - 52.125" x 14.5" x 4.5"

Mounting Service is provided for anyone that purchases this hardcase along with a rifle.
If you don't have the tools, time or inclination we will install your mount and scope, sight-in your rifle at 10 yards and install your muzzlebrake for you. To ensure your rifle arrives intact we recommend the Plano double gun case for shipping all mounted rifles. This extremely tough hard sided case has plenty of room for your mounted rifle, pellets, pel seat and other accessories. This case was designed for shipping, storage and airline travel. For the ultimate "open the box and shoot" experience, order your rifle combo with this hard case and we will mount your rifle for $35.00.

XLT-18 IZH Case

Plano Gun Guard XLT Pistol Case

Nice storage case for multipal guns or guns and their accessories
* Deep molder valance
* Swivel handle
* Durable full length hinge
* Lockable latches
* Thick protective foam

Interior Dimensions
Length - 17.5 inches
Width - 11.75 Inches