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H&N Baracuda Green .22

H&N Baracuda Green .22
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Manufacturer H&N
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Round Nose .22 Pellets

Super-light, non-lead pellet. For best results, use in a light powered air rifle or air pistols. Lead-free pellets tend to be rather light for medium and high powered airguns. But don't overlook them if you're target shooting with a PCP that has adjustable power such as the Air Arms S500 or S510. Just turn the power way down as you would when using any light-weight pellet.

Head Type
12.65 gr.
Round Nose


H&N Baracuda .177
Beeman H&N Match .177
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Clearidge 4.5-14x40
H&N Baracuda .177 Beeman H&N Match .177 AA-510E-Magazine .25 Clearidge 4.5-14x40
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(2 reviews)  

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May 28, 2015
These pellets were undamaged, clean and VERY consistent in head diameter, skirt diameter, overall length and weight. This consistency and the quality of my (TX200) provided a standard deviation of (3fps) which equaled incredible accuracy out to 35yds. I've been using these pellets since 2010 and I've discovered that they work best at or below (18ft/lbs). When you go higher than (20ft/lbs) accuracy begins to diminish rapidly over distance.

Advantages: These pellets are very clean and there is no lead dust to breath in or wash of your hands. They're also very smooth and fast out of the barrel. I gained 100 feet per second over other pellets in the same weight range. Finally and perhaps most importantly they're very consistent in size and weight resulting in great accuracy.

Disadvantages: These tin pellets are considerably harder than lead and provide excellent penetration; however, there is little or no deformation to the pellet upon impact, indicating that less kinetic energy is transferred to the quarry. It is for this reason that I only use head shots on small game. In the last 5 years I've taken chipmunks, squirrels, skunks an armadillo and a turkey all with head shots from 10 to 35 yards. I've taken pigeons and crows with body shots out to 75 yards and they were instant kills. These pellets are light and the wind will push them off target. My 75 yard shots were taken on dead calm days.
Apr 2, 2015
GREAT pellet! I ordered this pellet because I wanted a lead free pellet for hunting small game that would then be fed to my falconry birds. Using my RWS 460 in 22 caliber, this pellet out shot lead pellets at 30 yards! I will be using this for all hunting situations from now on. Haven't tested beyond 30 yards, but I was able to easily cover 4 shots with a nickel at 30 yards. Fifth shot only missed by a smidge, and I'm sure it was me, not the gun or pellet. That is more than enough accuracy for the yardages I shoot while hunting. I expect 40 and possibly 50 yard groups to be quarter sized at the largest, which is GREAT for me.

Advantages: Lead free. Snug fit in the chamber. Superb accuracy out of my RWS 460. Very clean in the tin. I expect this to be an absolutely potent hunting pellet.

Disadvantages: Not a thing!
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