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H&N Rabbit Magnum II .177

H&N Rabbit Magnum II .177
  • H&N Rabbit Magnum II .177 round nose pellet
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SKU HN-922545
Manufacturer H&N
Market price $15.00
Our price $11.25

Round Nose .177 Pellets

The Rabbit Magnum is a heavy pellet for hunting and pest control.  This hard hitting is best used in magnum powered air rifles. Unique aerodynamic torpedo design for maximum stability and retention of power at longer ranges.  Maximum possible impact and maximum penetration and characteristics of the Rabbit Magnum.  Low rate of lead fouling and consistent shot spreads thanks to special alloy and lubrication.

Head Type
15.74 gr.
Round Nose



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Michael Rybicki
Sep 1, 2015
Bought a tin of these pellets for my new Air force Condor SS .177. I also have two other Condors in both .22 and .25. I had no problems with the accuracy of the .22 and .25 using pellets that do not have a straight waste on them. I tried the Rabbit II pellets and had very bad accuracy. Every several pellets I would get a flier off an inch in all directions. I would try other pellets if I were you.

Added note from SS. As is always the case, a pellet (any brand, any caliber) will work well with one gun and lousy with another gun. All depends on how a particular pellet fits a particular gun's barrel. In this case, the shooter didn't have a positive result. But it might be totallly different in another gun. Kevin-Straight Shooters

Advantages: 15 plus grains and hit hard.

Disadvantages: Accuracy is not very consistent.

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