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Baikal IZH-46M Pistol .177

Baikal IZH-46M Pistol .177
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Manufacturer Baikal
Market price $595.95
Our price $549.50

Pneumatic Pistol

If you're looking for a target pistol with near match accuracy, don't look any farther than the IZH-46M. This precision pistol is made by Baikal/Izhevsk and is about as accurate as can be without spending $1300 for a 10-meter match pistol.

Take a look at the following features that are standard on this pistol:
· Single stroke pneumatic action - simply cock and shoot. No spring, gas spring, hand pump or scuba tank required
· Fully adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation
· Hardwood grips Grips
· Trigger finger shelf
· Two-stage pull adjustable for first stage, let-off and over travel
· Cleaning rod with loop
· Sight adjustment tool
· Drift punch tool
· Instruction book
· Replacement air cylinder seals
· Full Factory Warranty In addition to that impressive list of standard features, consider it's construction features and performance characteristics.
· Lightweight, aluminum alloy receiver and cocking lever with black anodized matte finish
· Steel air chamber, cocking linkage and breech block, matte-blued which matches frame and lever
· 16.25" Length over-all
· 2.5 lb. Weight
· 475 fps In summary, if you don't own one of these guns already…you should. We really enjoy ours a lot.

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