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JSB Exact .177 Heavy

JSB Exact .177 Heavy
  • JSB Exact Heavy .177 pellet
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SKU JSB-Exact-177-Hvy
Manufacturer JSB
Market price $17.95
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Round Nose .177 Pellets

The JSB Exact .177 Heavy caliber is one of the most popular additions to our air rifle pellet line-up and is definitely a winner. It ranks right up there with the Crosman Premier and Beeman FTS as potential field target pellets. The round headed design makes the pellet more stable and aerodynamic at longer distances. Shooters interested in find a pellet which groups well with a particular airgun should be sure no to overlook testing this pellet.


Head Type
10.34 gr.
Round Nose


Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum .22
JSB Exact .177
JSB Exact Express .177
SS Muzzlebrake
Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum .22 JSB Exact .177 JSB Exact Express .177 SS Muzzlebrake
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(1 reviews)  

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Bob Walser
Jun 15, 2015
My RWS Model 52 shoots the standard weight pellets (around 8 grs) with such force accuracy is about 1 inch at 10 meters. According to H&N factory tech the high pressure distorts the light weight pellets. the JSB Exact 10.34 gr. slow the velocity down a little and the heavier construction make it a very accurate pellet. .10 and .120 5 shot groups at 10 meters. This pellet is definitely worth a try.

Advantages: Super accurate and high ballistic coefficient.

Disadvantages: No screw top tin.

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