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JSB Predator GTO .22 LF 11.75 200ct

JSB Predator GTO .22 LF 11.75 200ct
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Manufacturer JSB
Market price $15.75
Our price $12.75

Lead Free .22 Round Nose

For shooters who cannot or choose not to shoot traditional lead pellets JSB has introduced their new GTO series.  The GTO .25 caliber is a lead free pellet.

JSB has not only spent a tremendous amount of time testing these pellets at their JSB facility but have sent the pellets out to a multitude of everyday shooters for their feedback. Without exception each has given the GTO pellets their highest accuracy performance ratings. Despite the GTO being slightly lighter than traditional lead pellets the test shooters were all surprised their guns required no adjustments to handle the GTO pellets.

Concerned parents, pest control experts and those with environmental concerns or regulations should give the GTO pellets a try. With the growing demand for lead free pellets JSB has invested time, money and manpower to provide a high quality lead free pellet with the proven performance for today airgunners.

Head Type
11.75 gr.
Round Nose


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A Barry
Dec 27, 2016
I got the g.t.o. pellets in a .22 sample pack along with 17 others .I had been looking to go lead free for a long time but didnt hear anything good about them, and had even less luck with the p.b.a. types
I was extremely surprised what they could do beeing a "super lite" pellet. WOW HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!

Advantages: I shoot a benjamin N.P.S.S.2,
Big gun lots (some would say too much) power. I have tryed literally 25+ types of pellets in this rifle with nothing better than an inch plus. 25g down to 13g jumbo R.S.
I was about to chuck this gun in the ocean after a full year plus of working with it. Imagine my happiness when my first group was in the sub 1" category at 25yards (75')
So Next round I moved back to 40yards (120') and with a 5-7m.p.h. crosswind I put 4 in less than a HALF INCH and the 5th beeing a flyer opened her up to 1 1/2"

Disadvantages: Little pricey, but hey Ill buy anthing that works in my gun at this point, these pellets my have saved the n.p.2 from a swim!!!
Thanks straight shooters, and J.S.B.
Another totaly happy customer