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Krlford & Lypt
Maker of high quality air gun accessories
Extended Impact Trigger Guard

Extended Impact Trigger Guard Gen 2 guards with integrated T-slot and curved rear.

New features:
Curved rear for a more flush fit with the pistol grip
T-slot that can receive any T-rail parts
Thicker extension for less flex and more stability
Small cutout under the air bottle

The Easy Access Trigger Guard Gen 2 is designed to allow better access to the foster fitting, making it easier to connect and disconnect when refilling your FX Impact.

Designed to place the bi-pod further towards the front to significantly increase the stability of your shot.
Machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and anodized it is designed to be strong, light weight and handle corrosive environments. This guard is made a bit lower than the OEM part so that the bottom to the guard covers the fill port on the gun. This protects the fill port and allows a cap to fit flush with the bottom of the guard. The cap is held on by a strong magnet.

In addition, the back end of the trigger guard now lines up with the pistol grip unlike the OEM part. Includes one guard and one cap. Kraford & Lypt is in the business of building quality parts you can trust. They want their products to make your life easier and your shooting experience more accurate. That is why they back every FX Impact Easy Access Trigger Guard, long and short, with a life time warranty.

KL-Impact Adjustable Stock & Rear Monopod

KLS-1 Adjustable Stock

Exceptional build quality and functionality makes the adjustable butt stock with monopod a must have accessory for any FX Impact owner.
The KLS-1 Adjustable Stock allows your to make precise adjustments to the alignment of your front bag or bipod for virtually hands free shooting allowing extreme accuracy.

The Short monopod rod end before the mag-well leaving room for the extended magazines.
With the Kraford & Lypt KLS-1 for the FX Impact you can adjust the rifle out to where it is ergonomically comfortable. The KLS-1 increases comfort and accuracy and it has an adjustable monopod that allows you to reduce weight. The KLS-1 butt plate is made of 6061 T6 aluminum, lightweight and strong.