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There are rifle scopes and then there are rifle scopes. But when you look through a Leupold scope, you can quickly see the difference between the best and the "also rans".
Leupold scopes feature some of the finest optics available and when you add in their rugged toughness, it's a hard combination to beat.  Leupold scopes come in a couple of varations for the air gun and rimfire world, namely their EFR rifle scopes. EFR stand for Extend Focus Range which allows the shooter to focus down to the close distances that many air gun shooters encounter. So if you're looking for top quality choices for your favorite airgun, check out the EFR rifle scopes from Leupold.


Leupold VX-2 3-9x33 UltraLight EFR

Duplex Reticle, Adjustable Objective

High Recoil Rating

The VX-2 3-9x33mm Ultralight EFR has Leupolds Multicoat 4 lens system: clarity, brightness, and contrast are all optimized. Its adjustable objective also allows for incredibly close focusing.

The Ultralight riflescopes have about 17 percent less weight than their full-size counterparts, yet retain all the features, lens coatings, and systems you want, so they're a great choice for lightening the load on your favorite rifle. They're also every bit as rugged, absolutely waterproof, dependably accurate, and of course, they're all guaranteed for life. The VX-2 3-9x33mm Ultralight EFR also has extreme close focusing capability, making it an ideal scope for your air rifle or rimfire rifle.

Ideally suited to place accurate shots on small targets, be they as close as 10 meters or out beyond the 1000 yard line, the VX-2 3-9x33mm Ultralight EFR scope is an excellent choice for target shooters and small varmint hunters alike. A particular favorite of squirrel hunters, the specially designed adjustable objective allows for close focusing to as near as 10 meters. Ideal for air rifle and .22 rimfire target shooters as well as small varminters.

• Leupold ruggedness – each can easily withstand the deceptively punishing double recoil of spring piston air rifles.
• Adjustable Objective – set your focus as close as 10 meters.
• Leupold Full Lifetime Guarantee – the best consumer protection available.
• Lightweight performance – all the features of the full-size models, with 17 percent less weight.
• Absolutely waterproof – they're ready for the worst conditions.
• Guaranteed for life – each Ultralight riflescope is covered by the Leupold Full Lifetime Guarantee. A quote from the Leupold catalog on their philosophy says it all. It reads as follows:
A philosophy anchored in logic.
Hunters and shooters have unique expectations of Leupold that are simply not applied to other scope brands. This fact comes as a result of our most basic belief, which follows:
If a scope doesn't hold up in the field or on the range, then all other performance attributes are rendered completely meaningless. We build scopes that endure for generations. They're so reliably rugged, so completely waterproof that they're backed by the most rigorous consumer protection in the business. Indeed, these two characteristics are the heart and soul of every scope we make. In short, if you're looking for one of the toughest scopes made with fantastic optics, choose either of the Leupold EFR models. They have the toughness to handle all spring airguns.

Technical Data for the Leupold 3-9x33 EFR:

  • 3-9x33 Magnification
  • 1/4" M.O.A.
  • 11 Yd. (10 Meter) Minimum Focus
  • Weight 11.0 oz
  • Length 11.32"
  • Gloss Finish
  • 3"-4" Eye Relief
  • Duplex  Reticle
  • Coin or Screwdriver Windage and Elevation Adjustment
$499.99 (save 20 %)