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Levy Leathers

Levy Leathers

Tired of lugging a heavy airgun around? That can get old pretty quick and if you're looking for relief then check out the Levy sling options on our site. These high quality slings feature slip-knot loops on both ends so they'll tighten up and work with virtually all air guns and air rifles. Choose between the black web style or the elegant black or brown leather options. Whichever you choose, you'll find that Levy slings are top of the line.

Shotgun Sling-Black Leather

Use With: All Air Rifles

These slings are absolutely wonderful for use with virtually any rifle. No tools are needed, no drilling into the gun's stock and no need to mount any hardware at all. Just loop one end of the sling around the barrel and the other end around the gun butt and you're ready to go. This super tough leather sling will not slip or slide. It just plain works very well. And it can is easily removed in case you wish to use it on another rifle.

$71.95 (save 44 %)