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If you own an air pistol or air rifle, sooner or later you'll have to clean it. And using harsh firearm cleaners and degreasers is not recommended. So what should be used? Napier air gun cleaning products make a good starting point and we recommend using Napier Airgun Oil as a cleaner/degreaser for all air guns. And while you're checking out the airgun oil be sure to look at all the other Napier air gun cleaning products available. Airgun grease, pellet lubes and a host of other products are available under the Napier brand. Take a good look at all of them because your air gun will need most of them at some point.

Napier Airgun Grease

Maintenance, Use on airgun mainsprings

The new Power Airgun Grease has been tested to the extreme and has been an important part of the Air Arms master service kit for some years. Now this too is available to all airgunners and is ideal for application to springs. It's special properties guarantee best performance without risk of damage to washers and seals.!

Napier Airgun Oil

Cleaning, Air Rlfle and Pistol bore cleaner and lubricant

The result of years of development and field trails, Power Airgun Oil has been supplied in the Air Arms master service kit for years.
Now available to everyone, the 200ml aerosol oil is ideal for any type of airgun whether CO2, Pre-Charged or Springers. This product incorporates VP90, Napier's world renowned Vapor Phase corrosion inhibitor. The oil is easy and safe to use, resists finger marks and thoroughly protects and lubricates all parts of any air gun. The 200ml can is economical in use as a little goes a very long way.
Shooters can have absolute confidence when using Napier products which are endorsed by many of the worlds leading airgun makers.

Napier Cleaning Patches .177-.25

Cleaning, Patches for general airgun cleaning use

A pack of 65 replacement patches for use with the Napier Power Pull Through Kit. Use wtih all calibers. Just cut to size for any caliber.
(Pack of 65 pre cut.)


Napier Pellet Lube (spray)

Maintenance, Pellet Lube for use with all airguns

A remarkable simple to use product that will improve accuracy with any pellet and any type of airgun.
The unique complex formula of the lube does much more than lubricate. In fact it creates a chemical seal around the skirt of every pellet, ensuring that it will not skim or tear on the rifling of the barrel. This in turn greatly improves the gyroscopic effect and results in improved flight with dramatic improvements in accuracy.

Now used by many competitive shooters with winning results  This advanced pellet lubricant has been independently proven to increase accuracy by 50%! (Napier's claim)
- Improves Accuracy
- Increases Velocity
- Cleans
- Protects
- Easy to Use
- Economical

Recommended by world leading airgun makers.
Sold in a 25ml/1.05 fl oz spray bottle or as a liquid in a drop bottle