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If you own an air pistol or air rifle, sooner or later you'll have to clean it. And using harsh firearm cleaners and degreasers is not recommended. So what should be used? Napier air gun cleaning products make a good starting point and we recommend using Napier Airgun Oil as a cleaner/degreaser for all air guns. And while you're checking out the airgun oil be sure to look at all the other Napier air gun cleaning products available. Airgun grease, pellet lubes and a host of other products are available under the Napier brand. Take a good look at all of them because your air gun will need most of them at some point.

Napier Cleaning Patches .177-.25

Cleaning, Patches for general airgun cleaning use

A pack of 65 replacement patches for use with the Napier Power Pull Through Kit. Use wtih all calibers. Just cut to size for any caliber.
(Pack of 65 pre cut.)