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Outdoor Connection

Outdoor Connection is a company known for their wide line of hunting and fishing products and their outdoor equipment as well. We have chosen to offer one of their fine products known as the WingBag. This is a leather bench bag that fits over your patio rail or a fence rail allowing the shooter to use the rail as a shooting rest. The WingBag can be purchased already filled so it can simply be taken out of the box and used immediately. It's rugged construction will last for years of shooting fun.

WingBag Leather Bench Bag (Filled)

Use For: Shooting Platform for Guns

Use on the Window Sill, Car Door, Deck Railing or any ledge
•Holds Position For Positive Sight-In
•Adds Stability For Precision Shots
•Supports All Caliber Firearms
•No Metal Parts To Mar or Scratch your firearm

Leather and nylon construction make this bag versatile and durable. Designed to fit over a window ledge, deck railing, truck rail or use flat as a standard gun rest. This bag is compact, stable, easy to store and easy to transport.

The bag comes filled so you do not have to hassle with this time intensive task but can get right to shooting.