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  • R.A.W. Porter Muzzlebrake
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Manufacturer Rapid Air Weapons
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Use With: All Weihrauch and Beeman Air Rifles

Fits most air rifles. Protects the muzzle area and makes an excellent cocking handle. The Rapid Air Ported Muzzlebrake is built to attach to almost every air rifle available today thanks to its unique internal design. Instead of being cast from pot metal like competitive units. This muzzlebrake is precision-turned from the finest aircraft-grade aluminum, then given a tough, anodized, gloss black finish. When it's slipped onto a scoped air rifle it. It will fit barrels with diameters between .609" and .673". It comes with an allen key and 2 spacers. Extends past the end of barrel about 2.25".

  • Hides ugly muzzle grooves left when the front sight is removed.
  • Guards the critical crown area from damage in case the rifle is dropped or banged against a hard object.
  • Serves as a convenient cocking handle.
  • Protects the bluing around the muzzle.
  • Adds muzzle steadiness when firing (weighs six ounces).
  • Directs sound forward.
  • Looks sharp!
  • 6.5" in length with two fitting shims for different barrel diameters


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Spring Cylinder Oil
SS Muzzlebrake
JSB Exact .177 Heavy BKL 263 2 Piece Mounts Spring Cylinder Oil SS Muzzlebrake
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Bruce Bostwick
Nov 17, 2016
I recently bought this RA ported muzzle brake for a newly-purchased HW50S which has the electroless nickel finish and the matte black stock. I found that the cocking effort was very high due to the 15.5" barrel and the need for hand placement about 2"behind the globe front sight. I needed more leverage, and after removing the front sight and installing this brake the barrel is now a touch over 18" long and the cocking force is MUCH reduced and the barrel is more comfortable to grasp. This item is beautifully finished in a flat black / matte luster which happens to match the stock finish perfectly. The eight staggered rows of porting holes are nicely chamfered on their top edges. The interior dimension is large enough to slip over the raised metal grooves swaged into the barrel's muzzle for the front sight. You will not need to file down any metal. The two enclosed shims work perfectly, and also serve to prevent the mounting screw from defacing the finish on the underside of the barrel. I added a small amount of very thin additional shimming material just forward of, and just aft of the raised grooves to provide a perfect fit. After installation, I found that there was no effect on accuracy, one way or another. This is a high quality item that looks great on the rifle and makes most other muzzle brakes look like scrap metal by comparison. Worth every penny --- Bruce

Advantages: Easier cocking, hides and protects front sight grooves. Looks Killer.

Disadvantages: It was not a disadvantage to me, because the matte-black finish luster was just what I wanted, but it is worth pointing out that this brake does not have the high polish blue/black luster that one finds on the Beeman Weihrauch guns. If a little more sheen is desired, The non-ported 5" long SS muzzle brake (which I also own) has a very nice satin luster finish.

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