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morris williams about  FX Impact MKII DFL 700mm Black:
Aug 13, 2019
This customer purchased the item at our site.
What can i say! The perfect air rifle! Thank you Mr. Porter for your excellent service and very fast shipping.

Advantages: No need to change anything from the factory settings.

Disadvantages: None
morris williams about  FX-Crown .25 Synthetic:
Aug 17, 2018
This customer purchased the item at our site.
excellent service and very fast shipping, this is my second rifle in two years. the first was the bobcat .30.

Advantages: very, very accurate. excellent shooter.

Disadvantages: none
Jul 19, 2018
The choice of pellets that are offered in this sampler is excellent. A large group of commonly accurate brands and styles. This will really help you dial in the accuracy and find what your gun prefers. However, and I fault UPS for this more than I do the seller, my sampler arrived with multiple dividers broken and the pellets all mixed into large batches. Luckily I have experience with several of them in smaller calibers and know which is which, but a newer airgunner may not have that luxury. Many of the Polymags had the red tips broken off in shipping. I've ordered them by the tin in .22 and never had that issue.

Advantages: Large selection of typically good pellets for pellet fussy guns. Will make it easier to narrow down the most accurate for you specific gun without spending a fortune.

Disadvantages: Seller could possibly look at bubble wrap in shipping vs simply packaging paper as my sample box was beat up pretty good by UPS. The outside of the pellet container was double rubber banded to ensure it did not come open, however the inside dividers did not fare so well and cause several of the sections of pellets to end up as one jumbled mess. Again, I fault the shipping company more than the seller, but a better packaging option may need to be considered.
John about  H&N Baracuda 20:
Dec 28, 2017
I recently purchased a Theoben MFR in .20. It was tuned to run on the Beeman Kodiak heavies. Knowing that these were those I bought four tins. Should have bought 8! Exceptional shooting pellet. They were also great shooters out of another .20 cal rifle I have. A custom Lothar walther barreled Crosman. So far only shot out to 50 yards. Went through a full tin in only three days of shooting.

Advantages: Clean enough for me not to feel the need to wash and lube. Spin on/off lid makes handling tins easy. Appears to be very consistent in size, shape with no deformed pellets that waste $$. Great downrange power retention. Nice long pellet – would imagine that helps stabilize in flight. Heavy.

Disadvantages: Would like to have the option for a 500 count tin. While heavy would be nice to have an “Extra Heavy” Barracuda in .20 as an option. No seen “true” disadvantages so far.
Oct 14, 2017
.177 ver.
OUTSTANDING air rifle. A true tack driver.

Advantages: Adjust trigger for pull & pressure.
2x14 mags + single shot tray. Fill by hand pump or diver tank (valves supplied) Picty rail, somewhat moderated, ideal weight, great price in US, adjustable shot power - how unique at this price pt, A great buy.

Disadvantages: ONLY small quibble is that cheek-rest is not adjustable for height and bullpup mightn't suit long arms.
Dave (dtdtdtdt) about  Straight Shooters Pellet Sampler .177 :
Aug 25, 2017
I have used this and the earlier .177 samplers that also had the wadcutter and hollow point pellets. Worked great and added significantly to my knowledge of both my RWS 54 and FWB300SU accuracy and idiosyncrasies

Advantages: INEXPENSIVE WAY TO TEST LOTS OF PELLETS. I put together a test of lead-free pellets myself and spent over $200 getting the range of pellets together.

Disadvantages: None really but I would like to see the wadcutter & HP pack available again.
Aug 6, 2017
Would suggest this to anyone in search of the most accurate pellet for their gun!

Advantages: Money saver if you are wanting to test this many pellets, which I am.

Disadvantages: Wish they had a second set of 25 more types, and I would buy that too!
John Klein about  Field .177 4.52, 8.44g, Dome 500ct:
Jul 10, 2017
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Exceptional service and great advice lead me to Craig and this pellet. The tins come with one foam liner in the lid and the one I have shot through had no deformed pellets in it. I am not at a level of measuring and weighing pellets at this point, however, I do single load into the breech and each pellet has the same feel and none have been over tight or the opposite – loose. Each engages the rifling and inserts with the same predictable mannerisms. I have had some JSB’s in the past that varied so much within the same tin that I felt like I should have received several different tins. The results on target were as expected. The results with these Air Arms pellets have been tremendous from my TM 1000. Every pellet going were I aim each time I pull the trigger. I have not been disappointed by the quality control and it is obvious to me that they are sorted well at the factory before going into the tin. Nice tight groups and consistent FT performance. Equally at home on paper or on the range knocking down FTs.

Advantages: Consistent shot to shot performance. Clean pellets inside the tin and leaving little residue on the fingers. No damaged pellet skirts or deformed heads. Steady goes the trigger pull and aim and on target goes the pellet.

Disadvantages: Availability of the 4.52 head size. Hard to think of any other disadvantages. No screw on lid – just use one from a big box store brand pellet and relabel the tin.
Jan 21, 2017
The RWS 54 isn't called the AirKing for nothing. This rifle is beautiful, shoots hard and is pinpoint accurate. It's a heavy rifle at 9lbs but very stable. At 20 yards I'm getting dime size groups with open sites. I'm in the process of mounting a SWFA super sniper straight 10 power on it. It really likes the JSB 15.89 grain pellets these chronograph at 760fps along with the JSB Predator red tip hunting pellet at 750fps. Save up the extra 120 dollar and get the recoilless feature. I highly recommend buying from Straight Shooters they answered all my questions helping me make the right decision. Shipping was fast. They are a top notch company. Buy it you won't be disappointed.

Advantages: Recoilless is awesome (No artillery hold needed). Fit, finish and function is high quality. Get the 22 cal if you plan to do any hunting, it hits hard.

Disadvantages: Rifle is expensive but you get what you pay for, top German quality. Weight is heavy but I'm getting use to it. It's better than carrying around a scuba tank for your PCP.
Dec 27, 2016
I got the g.t.o. pellets in a .22 sample pack along with 17 others .I had been looking to go lead free for a long time but didnt hear anything good about them, and had even less luck with the p.b.a. types
I was extremely surprised what they could do beeing a "super lite" pellet. WOW HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!

Advantages: I shoot a benjamin N.P.S.S.2,
Big gun lots (some would say too much) power. I have tryed literally 25+ types of pellets in this rifle with nothing better than an inch plus. 25g down to 13g jumbo R.S.
I was about to chuck this gun in the ocean after a full year plus of working with it. Imagine my happiness when my first group was in the sub 1" category at 25yards (75')
So Next round I moved back to 40yards (120') and with a 5-7m.p.h. crosswind I put 4 in less than a HALF INCH and the 5th beeing a flyer opened her up to 1 1/2"

Disadvantages: Little pricey, but hey Ill buy anthing that works in my gun at this point, these pellets my have saved the n.p.2 from a swim!!!
Thanks straight shooters, and J.S.B.
Another totaly happy customer
Oct 17, 2016
The .177 Marauder is my backyard pesting rifle. There is nothing in this price class that can match it, for a combination of power, accuracy, and low noise level. It's a clear step up from the Discovery (in terms of noise and shot count) and every springer out there, in terms of accuracy.

Bottom line is that if you want an accurate air rifle and can afford $500 for the rifle and $150 or so for the scope and mounts, get this and don't look back.

Advantages: Quiet, accurate, powerful, and a huge step up from spring guns, as far as being easy to shoot accurately. Fully adjustable, right out of the box.

Disadvantages: The shroud nut comes a little too tight. Loosen it up for top accuracy. Benjamin should set this up so it is right from the factory, instead of letting us wait a couple years to read about it on the forums.
Oct 17, 2016
Surprisingly good, from a company that generally makes just OK airgun products. Lube them with Whiscombe Honey (Google it) and they are MAGIC in a 15-20 FPE PCP airgun. I shoot these out of my Marauder at 18 FPE, and a shot sideways through the torso of a big squirrel barely slows them down. One time, I shot a big gray squirrel in from the front in the shoulder. I went through the shoulder bone, all through the guts, out the belly, into the hind leg, through the quadricep muscle, broke the knee, and stopped just behind there, in the leg. Much as I want my Marauder to like some exotic JSB or H&N, it prefers the humble CPH's.

Advantages: Hard alloy, they don't deform easily. They penetrate like nothing else in their weight class. Uniformity is good, and they often outshoot more expensive pellets in higher-powered air rifles.

Disadvantages: Must be lubed for above 700 fps, or else they'll lead the bore, since they're alloyed with antimony.
Oct 1, 2016
Great pellet started using GTO .25 in my fx bobcat it's the most accurate non lead pellet it's about time thank you Jsb .

Advantages: Accurate no lead didn't have to readjust scope

Disadvantages: None so far
Sep 14, 2016
I've had my .177 Marauder now for at least 5 years. It's a 1st gen one that I bought used. Replaced the stock with a custom one, but have otherwise not messed with it. It comes tuned from the factory to shoot from 2500 psi down to 2000, because it's relatively easy to pump in that range. The magazines work fine, though I have one that requires a couple of the pellets to be pushed in the last little bit. The quietness of this rifle, while still putting out 18 FPE has made this my go-to backyard pester.

Advantages: Quiet, accurate, easy to pump, and a big step up from springers, in terms of easy accuracy at longer ranges. It's easy to get spoiled and lazy by this gun. Having the male Foster fitting that matches pumps right on the tank is great; I don't get why others are not doing it, still messing around with fill probes.

Disadvantages: Not quite as accurate as a high-dollar PCP gun. Not quite as beautiful either. I'd like to see them made available with the Lothar Walther barrels, like the first run of .25 cal Marauders were.
Smaug about  RWS SuperMag .177:
Sep 2, 2016
Want to do some paper-punching or short range hunting with your magnum rifle? This is a great choice. If you're shooting small animals at close range, a typical domed pellet that you'd use on your magnum .177 airgun would not deposit all of its energy, as it would just pass through. A wadcutter will transfer a lot more of it.

For some reason, these shoot a LOT more accurately than RWS Meisterkugeln Rifle out of my higher powered air rifles. Probably due to the heavier weight.

Advantages: Finally, a wadcutter that works well in magnum class air rifles. They cut nice clean holes in paper, and I bet they would hit your typical backyard pests HARD. As an added pesting benefit, the terrible long range ballistics mean that if you miss, they won't carry as far, nor as much energy.

Disadvantages: Not aerodynamic, so they're for close range only. (< 20 yards)
Cliff U. about  Beeman R7 .177 Beech:
Mar 6, 2016
The Beeman R7 was my very first spring piston air rifle. My wife bought it for me in late 1982. It had a beautifully figured stock with cut checkering on the pistol grip and came originally with open sights. Within a month we had ordered a Beeman 2-7X Blue Ribbon Scope along with a Beeman Scope Stop. From the very beginning, this rifle has had our deepest appreciation. It is death on gophers and pest birds as well as the ubiquitous tin can or bottle cap. The Beeman R7 is the most accurate, smooth firing air rifle you can buy and, if this review is any testimony you can count on decades of dependable service if you treat it right. Just wipe it down with an oil patch when you are finished shooting and use a nice soft cloth on the stock. With the exception of the smoothing wear on the right side of the trigger guard (after nearly 34 years of use) my R7 looks essentially new. I just put it on the chronograph today. It is shooting slightly faster (by maybe 5 fps) that the "Our Take" review specifies for Beeman Silver Bears and H & N Match pellets, my two favorite pellets for use in this gun.

Advantages: The R7 is a pure delight in balance, look, and feel. The adjustable 2-stage trigger allows one to adjust for their shooting style. The cocking effort is about half that of the Beeman R1 and the rifle just naturally "fits' most shooters. This rifle is also the rifle by which to introduce anyone who is "anti-gun" to the fun of shooting. I am always amazed at the look on a new shooter's face when they bust their first aspirin tablet, on edge, at 10 yards. With a properly sighted, scoped R7, hitting a target that small is not really all that difficult for a beginner.

Disadvantages: I can think of NO disadvantages associated with the R7 except maybe to suggest a bit more powerful rifle for jackrabbits. Even at that, I am confident that with the right pellet and within 30 yards or less, the R7 could be used effectively on small rabbits and squirrels. I don't even believe the price is a disadvantage. You do get what you pay for and with the R7, you actually get more...much more.
Mike B about  JSB Exact .22 Heavy:
Jan 19, 2016
Craig suggested these pellets & my New Wildcat .22 that I just bought loves these pellets, 8 shots thru the same hole at 50 yards no wind.

Advantages: Heavy, pellets look very consistent

Disadvantages: None
Jan 19, 2016
This are one of the two best pellets I have run thru my new .22 Cal Wildcat

Advantages: Tack Driver pellets. Price

Disadvantages: None
Mike B about  Hill Hand Pump-Gen 4:
Jan 19, 2016
Craig suggested this pump saying it was the best, after putting it together & adding 100 Bar to my new air rifle in less than 2 minutes. It is very Heavy Duty & should last me my lifetime.

Advantages: Very Heavy Duty Pump & pumps up my air gun from 50 to 230 Bar in less than 5 minutes.

Disadvantages: Wish the pump had a rebuild kit included for the price.
Dan Zuerner about  H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme .25:
Dec 31, 2015
Absolutely deadly in my AA S510 Walnut. Ragged single hole groups at 10 yards. 3/8" to 1/2" groups with every pellet touching center at 30 yards. Don'e be afraid to try this one. They hit hard.
Dan Zuerner about  H&N Baracuda .25:
Dec 31, 2015
Terrific performance in my Air Arms S510 Walnut - very tight groups with all shots of a 5 shot group touching each other at 30 yards.
Dan Zuerner about  Exact Kings 25 Heavy - 33.95 grain:
Dec 31, 2015
The very best performing pellet in my AA S510. very tight groups with all shots of a 5 shot group touching each other at 30 yards - almost one ragged hole.
Dan Zuerner about  Exact Kings 25 - 25.4 grain:
Dec 31, 2015
Terrific performance in my Air Arms S510 Walnut - very tight groups with all shots of a 5 shot group touching each other at 30 yards. Perform flawlessly - every shot.

Advantages: Perfectly uniform and consistent. Never a flyer.
Dan Zuerner about  Benjamin .25 Pellets:
Dec 31, 2015
Terrific performance in my Air Arms S510 Walnut - very tight groups with all shots of a 5 shot group touching each other at 30 yards.

Advantages: Highly polished - look great & shoot well

Disadvantages: Have found a couple of deformed pellets in my most recent tin
Nov 22, 2015
I own a Model 54, plus 3 Air Arms S510 PCPs. All purchased from Straight Shooters with fabulous service received at every opportunity.

The Air Arms are fabulous, one hole rifles (.22 (2) and .177). The real surprise - the Model 54 shoots 1 ragged hole groups at 25 yards as well, with equal and devasting power on small game.

Terrific value for the price.

Advantages: It likes a wide variety of pellets, but is amazingly accurate with the Polymag 16 gr, the Crow Magnum 18.21 Gr, the Kodiak Hollowpoint 18.21 Gr, the Kodiak 21,12 Gr (particularly copper plated - wow), the H & N Field Target Trophy, 14.66 Gr, The Benjamin Discovery 14.3 Gr Hollowpoint, and The JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy 18.13 Gr (producing single hole groups). Equally surprising, the point of impact probably doesn't vary more than 3/16" across the range of these pellets.

Disadvantages: It is very heavy for field work and the single shot does perceivable hunting limitations - though I don't think I have every need more than one shot with this rifle.