Weihrauch HW50S .177 Beech

Weihrauch HW50S .177 Beech
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Beaver Creek
Aug 16, 2014
As with most Weihrauchs, the HW50S is an exemplary piece of craftsmanship. The checkered stock is well done and is definitely ambidextrous, with matching cheekpieces on each side. At 40.5 inches and 6.8 pounds (109 oz on my digital kitchen scale), it's a good size for an adult trekking long distances through tight woods. As attested by many owners on several forums, the cocking effort is definitely not light--more on the high side of medium, as is the noise level. No twang, buzzing, or other unusual noises. In .177, the recoil is medium as air rifles go. The length of pull is about 14.5 inches (an inch longer than the HW30S), which IMO combined with the cocking effort, makes the HW50S ill-suited as a youth or small adult gun. Her 38.5 inch, 5.8 pound HW30S is much better suited to my petite wife.

I bought the HW50S as a shorter, lighter alternative to my .22 HW80. I got it in .177 because the trajectory with any given brand/model pellet is almost identical to that of the same brand/model in the .22 HW80--with less power, of course, but more than enough for squirrels and cottontails. I value the .177's flatter trajectory at this power level much more than the additional ft-kb or so with the .22 HW50S. I also think UK buyers can rest assured the .177 version won't exceed 12 ft-lbs with any pellet, but I don't believe the same could be said for the .22 version. As advised in the previous review, Weihrauch iron sights are excellent and target acquisition is fast.

Advantages: Quality of materials and workmanship, accuracy

Disadvantages: Cocking effort
Jan 4, 2014
This is an excellent rifle. The fit and finish are perfect. The accuracy is great and it shoots the CPHP 7.9gr pellets just fine. The one exception I have is that this is not a light gun to cock. The HW30s takes 18 lbs to cock and the HW50s takes 40 lbs. This rifle begs to be shot with a peep sight. Give the iron sights a try before you scope it.

Advantages: accuracy

Disadvantages: cocking effort

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