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H&N Baracuda 20

H&N Baracuda 20
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Dec 28, 2017
I recently purchased a Theoben MFR in .20. It was tuned to run on the Beeman Kodiak heavies. Knowing that these were those I bought four tins. Should have bought 8! Exceptional shooting pellet. They were also great shooters out of another .20 cal rifle I have. A custom Lothar walther barreled Crosman. So far only shot out to 50 yards. Went through a full tin in only three days of shooting.

Advantages: Clean enough for me not to feel the need to wash and lube. Spin on/off lid makes handling tins easy. Appears to be very consistent in size, shape with no deformed pellets that waste $$. Great downrange power retention. Nice long pellet – would imagine that helps stabilize in flight. Heavy.

Disadvantages: Would like to have the option for a 500 count tin. While heavy would be nice to have an “Extra Heavy” Barracuda in .20 as an option. No seen “true” disadvantages so far.