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RWS SuperMag .177

RWS SuperMag .177
  • RWS SuperMag .177 wadcutter pellet.
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Manufacturer RWS
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Wadcutter .177 Pellets

The RWS SuperMag is a heavy wadcutter pellet that was designed for the more powerful magnum airguns. Ideal where clean holes in paper are required or low penetration for pest control is an asset. This pellet would be a good choice for rifles with a power level greater than 12 fpe.  As with any wadcutter 10 meters is the ideal range but eh heavy weight of this pellet will allow a slightly longer range for performance.

Head Type
9.30 gr.


FX 148cc Air Cylinder
Evanix .22 AR6 Pistol
Exact Kings 25 - 25.4 grain
Galahad .25 Regulated Wood
FX 148cc Air Cylinder Evanix .22 AR6 Pistol Exact Kings 25 - 25.4 grain Galahad .25 Regulated Wood
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Sep 2, 2016
Want to do some paper-punching or short range hunting with your magnum rifle? This is a great choice. If you're shooting small animals at close range, a typical domed pellet that you'd use on your magnum .177 airgun would not deposit all of its energy, as it would just pass through. A wadcutter will transfer a lot more of it.

For some reason, these shoot a LOT more accurately than RWS Meisterkugeln Rifle out of my higher powered air rifles. Probably due to the heavier weight.

Advantages: Finally, a wadcutter that works well in magnum class air rifles. They cut nice clean holes in paper, and I bet they would hit your typical backyard pests HARD. As an added pesting benefit, the terrible long range ballistics mean that if you miss, they won't carry as far, nor as much energy.

Disadvantages: Not aerodynamic, so they're for close range only. (< 20 yards)

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