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Air gun shooters have been concerned with scope cant for years. Using a bubble level helps eliminate scope cant but most bubble levels are placed on the gun's dovetail or scope rail or even screwed into the base of the mount. But ScopeLevel uses a unique, creative way to using a bubble level which is to use scopes rather than the air guns.  ScopeLevel product are available for use with 1" or 30mm scope tubes and are attached to the scopes tube using a scope ring. The bubble level then can be raised up in the shooting position or folded down onto the scope when not in use. What is so creative about the bubble level is that when the unit is raised up for shooting, simply looking into the scope makes the bubble level to appear as though it is perched right on top of the eyepiece. The shooter can quickly correct the cant without having to move one's eye from the scope. This is a very creative and useful product for all pellet gun shooters.

Scope Level 1"

Use With: All Scopes with a 1" Tube Body

Scope Level
We hear it all the time - a frustrated shooter will call-up and complain that something is wrong with their rifle, They will shoot three perfect shots then the point of impact will change and they will shoot three more prefect shots then the point of impact will change again.

Trouble shooting a problem like this over the phone is darn near impossible. We first run down the checklist, Are you using a quality air rifle? Have you tested the available pellets and are you using the correct pellet? Have you checked your stock and trigger screws? Are you using an air gun scope, is it mounted correctly and is it working properly? And ultimately are you having an off day?

Lets face it most of the time bad shooting is the shooter not the equipment (if you own quality equipment). To get consistent shots you must become a consistent shooter. This means your hold must be exactly the same each shot, your trigger pull must be exactly the same each shot, everything must be exactly the same each shot. Well you can't control everything but you can control the cant of your rifle. Many shooters rely on their crosshairs to let them know when they are holding the rifle straight. And just as many shooters are surprised to learn this is a a poor indicator. Your eyes can play tricks on you and what looks level is not always the case.

Enter the ScopLevel.
Most scope levels mount to the scope rail or the scope mount itself. While this works on many guns it does not allow for the gun and scope that need a little custom adjustment. The ScopLevel mounts directly to the scope. This allows for correcting any alignment issues that may arise. Once mounted you can quickly glance at the bubble level and correct any cant you have. And believe it or not cant is a major cause of inconsistent grouping. The scope level will mount to any 1" tube body. It can be folded out of the way when not in use.

Scoplevel Installation

Scoplevel is easy to install, just loosen ring screw one half turn, tap Scoplevel until level is centered above your vertical crosshair and snug screws.

To mount a rifle scope using a Scoplevel first secure the rifle in a rifle vise and level the action with a spirit level. Then install the Scoplevel to the rifle scope per instructions above. Then install your scope onto your leveled action keeping the bubble centered as you tighten the rings.

For tuning this adjustment for long range shooting try this one. Since you can verify that your vertical crosshair is plumb with the level you should be able to hit a plumb line on your target at maximum elevation. If you miss the vertical line it is caused by misalignment of the barrel and vertical crosshair.