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Shooting Chrony

Shooting Chrony

Precision equipment for measuring the velocity of your pellet guns. Some call them shooting chronographs, some call them chrony chronogrpahs or even just use the word chrony but regardless of the name used, a chronograpy is a very handy unit to have around. A shooter can and should measure the average velocity for their new rifle or pistol using their pellet of choice because it can be used down the road as a comparison in the event one thinks their pellet gun has lost a little power. Sometimes seals can wear out, spring can break and a chronograph will quickly tell the shooter whether his air gun has lost power or not. Shooting Chrony makes a number of different models such as the Chrony Beta or Chrony Beta Master. These units both give highly accurate readings and do so very consistently. Be sure to consider adding a chrony to your air gun repertoire.

Chrony Remote Control

Use With: Shooting Chrony's with onboard readouts

The Chrony Remote has to be the ultimate accessory for single shooter testing. The remote unit allows a shooter to control the chrony from up to 30 feet away. Reject that flyer or bad shot without moving from the bench. Your testing is easier and more fun when you you have the convenience of the Beta Remote Unit.