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SS Muzzlebrake

SS Muzzlebrake
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SKU SS-Muzzlebrake
Manufacturer Straight Shooters
Our price $39.00

Use With: Beeman and Weihrauch Air Rifles

Fits many air rifles. Protects the muzzle area and makes an excellent cocking handle. The Straight Shooters Muzzlebrake is built to attach to almost every air rifle available today thanks to its unique internal design.
Instead of being cast from pot metal like competitive units, this muzzlebrake is precision-turned from the finest aircraft-grade aluminum, then given a tough, anodized, gloss black finish. When it's slipped onto a scoped air rifle it: The muzzlebrake comes with two spacers, one thicker and one thinner. It will fit barrels with a diamter from .609" to .673". The .673" would be the muzzlebrake itself without using a spacer.

  • Hides ugly muzzle grooves left when the front sight is removed.
  • Guards the critical crown area from damage in case the rifle is dropped or banged against a hard object.
  • Serves as a convenient cocking handle.
  • Protects the bluing around the muzzle.
  • Adds muzzle steadiness when firing (weighs approx 3.1 ounces).
  • Directs sound forward.
  • Looks sharp!
  • 5" in length with two fitting shims for different barrel diameters from .609"-.639"

    *The Muzzlebrake is designed for Weihrauch/Beeman rifles but may fit other brands as well. But be sure to measure your gun's diameter before ordering. The spacers fit barrels from .609" to .639" and they are made to fit very tightly. The spacers are essentially split rings and may have to expand slightly to fit some barrels. That is normal and why they have a tight fit.
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(9 reviews)  

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Jul 27, 2017
I have purchased 2 of these. One I put on a Diana 34P .22. I used the thin shim. Fit great. The other I put on a Hatsan 125 Sniper .22. I needed no shim on it. It looks good also.

Advantages: Very well made product... and it looks nice!

Disadvantages: None, except perhaps make them for different calibers like for .177/.22/.25
Dec 6, 2016
This is the most awesome MuzzleBrake for my HW50S Nickel. It adds length and leverage just enough to make my rifle truly 'smooth cocking'..and looks great.
Thank you SSPA.

Advantages: Perfect fit with the proper sleeves supplied.

Disadvantages: Absolutely none.
Sep 23, 2016
AWESOME!! I have put them in my HW , and my beeman R1, Rx1 and Rx2 nice finish and great balance, also Straight Shooters Roc !
Thank You!
May 24, 2016
I have to concur with one of the reviewers. This did not fit my RWS350 worth a darn. I'll be taking to the gunsmith to see if he can custom shim to make it fit properly.

Advantages: The part itself is 4-5 star in quality material and workmanship.

Disadvantages: Plan on customizing with shims for install on certain rifles, especially the RWS 350. I think the response from Straightshooters to the previous review I mentioned was weak and needs to be addressed ASAP. The only response I would deem satisfactory from SS to my review is that they send me a set of shims that fit rifles with my outside dimension barrel. I would not have such a bad attitude about this but the cost of this is pretty high for it not to fit. I tried both shims, one of which scratched my barrel even though I tried to expand as it has a slit in it. The shim material is rigid and difficult to properly expand to fit without distorting shim unevenly. Not happy at all!

We will post this review although we don't agree with it. Our site says in LARGE LETTERS that the muzzlebrake is designed for Weiihraiuch/Beeman rifles. The shims/spacers are made for those rifles. While the muzzlebrake may fit other brands as well, it is necessary for the barrel diameter to be between .609"-.639" as stated on our site. It will work for some other rifles yet not for others.
Dan Dofton
Nov 20, 2015
I have this brake on an HW50S, and it is perfect. It looks great and feels great. It is beautifully polished and adds class to an already classy rifle.
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