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Straight Shooters Full Pellet Sampler .177

Straight Shooters Full Pellet Sampler .177
  • Straight Shooters .177 pellet sampler
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Manufacturer Straight Shooters
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SS Pellet Sampler .177

We are asked this question all the time and always give the same answer. There is really no way to tell what pellet will work best in your gun without testing all the pellets in that caliber. That is why we designed the Straight Shooters Ultimate Sampler. It is the most complete pellet sampler available today. Our standard kit contains popular pellets from the Crosman, Beeman, RWS, JSB, Crosman, Napier and Benjamin Sheridan.product lines. Our reusable containers hold 25 each of the selected pellets, all neatly sorted, labeled and ready for use. The Straight Shooters Sampler is a great way to find the best grouping pellets for any airgun. Combine the sampler with a chronograph to check the airgun's velocities with different pellets also. The Straight Shooters red center target works great for scoring each pellet.


.177 Pellet Sampler Contents

.177 Lite
.177 Heavy
* H&N Field Target Trophy Green 5.56 gr
* H&N Baracuda Green 6.48 gr
* RWS R10 Lite 7.00 gr
* RWS Meisterkuglen Pistol 7.00 gr
* H&N Hollowpoint 7.10 gr
* Beeman Silver Bear 7.10 gr
* RWS Super-H-Point 6.90 gr
* H&N Match Pistol 7.56 gr
* JSB Exact Express 7.87 gr
* Crosman Premier Lite 7.90 gr
* JSB Predators 8.10 gr
* H&N Match Rifle 8.18 gr
* Beeman H&N Match 8.18 gr
* RWS R10 Heavy 8.20 gr
* RWS SuperPoint 8.20 gr
* RWS Meisterkugeln Rifle 8.20 gr
* RWS SuperDome 8.20 gr
* JSB Exact 8.44 gr
* * H&N Spitzkugel 8.64 gr
* Beeman FTS 8.64 gr
* H&N FTT 8.64 gr
* Vortex Supreme 8.64 gr
* Beeman FTS Double Gold 8.64 gr
* H&N Crow Magnum 9.26 gr
* RWS SuperMag 9.30 gr
* JSB Heavy 10.34 gr
* H&N Baracuda Hunter 10.34 gr
* Beeman Kodiak Hollowpoint 10.34 gr
* Crosman Premier Heavy 10.50 gr
* H&N Baracuda Match 10.65 gr
* Beeman Kodiak 10.65 gr
* Beeman Kodiak Double Gold 10.65 gr
* H&N Baracuda Power 10.65 gr
* JSB Monster 13.43 gr
* Baracuda Magnum 16.36 gr


Order 12 tins of pellets. Mix and match any brand any caliber and Straight Shooters will give free USPS shipping to all orders in the USA. This offer includes Alaska, Hawaii and Guam.
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JSB Exact .177
JSB Exact .177 Heavy
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Straight Shooters Full Pellet Sampler .22
JSB Exact .177 JSB Exact .177 Heavy JSB Exact .22 Heavy Straight Shooters Full Pellet Sampler .22
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May 1, 2014
This is a MUST for anyone who wants to shoot straight and hit the target.

I set a target 10 yards away, took my break-barrel and started shooting each type of pellet at a time. After shooting 6 pellets of the same kind I'd go to the target with a ruler to measure the spread between the farthest sides of the farthest holes. The results were amazing! While some 6-shot groups grouped to over an inch, others grouped to 3/4 inch, and one - Napier - to 1/4 inch. I never even heard of that brand but this collection allowed me to discover what is best for my gun!

Advantages: Opens your eyes to what pellets are best for your gun - makes a huge difference in accuracy.

Disadvantages: None really.
Mar 4, 2014
VIDEO REVIEW - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tICRApixsTA

This is THE best value you can buy in regards to finding the best pellet for your air rifle, hands down. you can spend 10-20$ on 1 kind of pellet and hope itll be accurate in your rifle. OR... just buy this.

Advantages: it comes with 34 different kinds of pellets for the .177 pellet pack. all hand picked with no deformed pellets.

Disadvantages: the pack that actually holds the pellets. watch the video and you'll see what im talking about.
Bill Straub
Jan 25, 2014
I think this is a tremendous value, considering all that you will learn with it. This was the best purchase ive made for my rifles.

Advantages: Lets you try a ton of different pellets to determine if you should buy whole tins of them for less than the cost of 4 tins.

Disadvantages: The packaging that Straight shooters uses does a great job with respect to labeling each pellet/weight, but the plastic dividers are closely spaced making it hard to grab the pellets, I used tweezers to do it. Also the dividers that run across the pack are only pushed in so while handling the packs they will sometimes lift up allowing pellets in the same row to mix, and it takes some time to sort them all back out. other than that this the best sampler pack you can buy anywhere.
Jan 9, 2014
The variety pack helped out tremendously trying to figure out which pellet my B3 and MTR77 liked best. I was beating my head against the wall for a good while before buying this.

Advantages: Helps narrow down with pellet your gun likes best without having to buy a bunch of bulk pellets and wasting money.
Great selection.

Disadvantages: None.