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A few years ago, Logun and Webley merged to become one company offering a number of air pistols and air rifles. And some of them have become very popular such as the Webley Alecto and Webley Alecto Ultra pistols. And in the power class of spring air rifles, the Webley Patriot is at the top of the heap. The Webley name has been known for years as a good brand to own and their products today are still well worth having in your collection. The Alecto and Alecto Ultra pistols come in right hand and left hand configuration and in .177 and .22 calibers. The Webley Patriot comes in .177, .22 and .25 caliber and is a howitzer in all calibers.

Webley Blackhawk .22 Combo W/Case

Medium Power, Breakbarrel, Spring Rifle

Special Offer: Includes free single gun hard case

The Webley Blackhawk is amedium powered, sweet shooting air rifle  The .Blackhawk features the Quattro 4-way adjustable trigger allowing three-point adjustment on the trigger load. It also features meticulous metallurgy, an automatic resettable safety catch, walnut ambidextrous stock, rifled-steel barrel, ventilated rubber recoil pad and integral precision machined sight grooves. The Blackhawk Combo has iron sights AND comes with a scope with mounts as well..

POWR-LOK™ Mainsprung Meticulous Metallurgy

The New Quattro Trigger:

1. The Quattro Trigger utilizes a 4-lever system (hence Quattro).
2. Each lever reduces the load acting on the next lever in the system.
3. By changing contact angles of each component the lever ratios are increased.
4. An original load of 250lbs is reduced to approximately 2lbs at the trigger.
5. A variable load is introduced into the system via the Trigger load screw.
6. This gives the shooter an adjustable trigger load.
7. The first and second stage adjusting screws vary the length of trigger pull and the amount of first and second stage pressure that is best suited to the shooter.

Technical Date for Webley Patriot:

Total Weight 6.6 lbs
Overall Length 42.0"
Stock Synthetic Right-Handed
Sights Scope and Iron Sights
Mounting Method 11mm Webley Rail
Caliber .22
Cocking Method Break Barrel
Cocking Effort Medium
Recoil Rating Medium
Power Plant Spring Piston
Shot Capacity Single Shot


Velocity fps
Muzzle Energy
5-12 fpe (depends on pellet used)


$269.00 (save 63 %)