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What's New at Straight Shooters

Shipping Update

UPS has issued a rate change that is proving to be very expensive for customers purchasing small items and pellets. We are trying to offer US Mail as an option but do not have it working yet.
To receive your order using the US mail system enter the message "Use Mail" in the Customer Note section when submitting your order.
Mail rates will range from $6.00 - $13.00 for the flat rate box. This will not work for all orders but we will pick the least expensive method once your order is received. Be sure we have an address for mail delivery if it is different than your UPS address. Any savings will be refunded to your Credit Card or PayPal account once the order is processed. Note that mail orders will generally be shipped the day after you order. Postal shipments are only done once per day generally first thing in the morning.

Added new trajectory targets

New target grids have been completed for the Weihrauch HW100 .177, Beeman R9 .177, Air Arms S510 .177, AirForce TalonSS .22, Air Arms S200 .22 Hunter, Evanix Speed .22, Cometa Lynx .22, Evanix Rainstorm .22.

Trajectory targets for .22
We have added trajectory targets forthe following .22 rifles: Rapid Air Weapons HM1000, Weihrauch HW100, Benjamin Sheridan Marauder, Umarex Octane, Air Arms S510, Hatsan AT44
New Trajectory Targets for .25 air rifles

We have published new POI targets based on the "Our Take" information.
View targets showing the POI of pellets at 10, 25, 50 and the POI with a 5 mph breeze.
View the currently completed targets for .25 caliber air rifle under the Our Take tab for each air rifle.
Click on the pellet to see the charts for that pellet

JSB .25 King Dented Pellet Tin Sale
We received a shipment of JSB .25 King pellets some with slightly dented tins. We are discounting the tins for our normal $13.95 price to $11.95 a huge $2.00 discount. There a re a limited number of these pellets and once gone the items will be removed from this site.
Beeman R7 & R7 Elite
We have received a new shipment of the coveted Beeman R7 .177 and Beeman R7 Elite. The guns are here and ready to ship.
"Contact Us" messages
We discovered an error in the "Contact Us" form and have installed the fix. If you used the "Contact Us" form on the site to send us an email in the last week or so and did not receive a response please resend or contact us again with your questions. We should have fixed the error and will now receive your emails.
Updates to the "Our Take" tests
Ruger Yukon Combo Package
Part of our goal for 2014 is to bring quality guns to you for $250.00 or less. We are please to announce our first addition to our line-up. The Ruger Yukon. The Yukon is available in a combo package featuring a 3-9x32 scope. The Yukon would make a great plinker and pest control gun. The Yukon was easy to cock, easy to shoot and has a nice looking stock. At 12-15 fpe for the .177 and 13-17 for the .22 the Yukon will have no problem with small pests.
New Products
We were asked by many of you to see if we could find some less expensive but still quality guns for 2014. After talking to many support and repair tech's we have picked a few guns from different companies we believe will meet your needs. Kevin has done a writeup on the chat forum (http://straightshooterschat.com/forum.php) of what we saw. Over the next couple of weeks we will be adding them to the site along with the Our Take for each of the rifles.

New Our Take Evanix Rainstorm II .25 Caliber
The new testing for the Evanix Rainstorm II .25 caliber air rifle has been completed.  The new Rainstorm is putting out up to a devastating 52 fpe.  Consider the Rainstorm II a go to hunting and large pest control air rifle.  Smooth shooting and very accurate this gun will take care of any pest you may have for a very economical price.

New Our Take> AirForce CondorSS .25 caliber

The test results are up for the new CondorSS .25 caliber.  The rifle hit an impressive 56 fpe using the Beeman Kodiak pellet.  With an fpe hitting the high 40 to low 50 fpe range with many of the pellets the CondorSS has plenty of power to spare.

New Item
Rapid Air has introduced the new HM1000 (Hunting Master)  Modeled after the Theoben Rapid the HM1000 is a 40fpe rifle with a quick fill and gauge included.

The Theoben 500cc high capacity air bottles are back in stock and ready for immediate shipping.

New Items
We have added the Leapers/UTG quick release mounts to our lineup.  These easy on easy off mounts are available for 1" and 30mm scopes.

Inventory clearance sale on all Pelcans remaining in stock.  The Pelcans have been a big hit with our shooters and we are offering everyone the chance to pick one up at a great price.  the sale is on all sizes and colors remaining in stock.

We have one Theoben MFR .177 remaining in stock and would like to move it for the Christmas season.  To make this a win win we are offering a $100.00 discount on the one remaining .177 Theoben MFR.

H&N Field Target Trophy .22 caliber pellets are back in stock.


Purchase any AirForce rifle between now and the end of the year (2012) and we will include the AirForce CO2 adapter free.


The Cometa Lynx .22 rifles have arrived.  The Lynx is a multi-shot, shrouded, regulated PCP getting an unheard of number of shots per charge.  At under $1,000.00 the Lynx is going to be the next mush have rifle.

We have added the Vortex Diamondback 4-12x40 AO scope.  The Diamondback offers the newest BDC reticle on a heavy recoil scope with superb optics and a 1" unitized body.

We have a very limited number of Theoben Crusader .22 caliber and Theoben Evolution .177 and .22 caliber air rifles remaining after filling backorders.

The JSB .22 Heavy pellets are back in stock.

A new shipment of the Weihrauch HW50S .177 has arrived.
The HW50s is considered one of the best backyard guns around.  Sitting around 10fpe the HW50S is perfect for plinking, small pests and target shooting.

We received a shipment of JSB pellets with dented tins. The dents are small and generally on the side of the tin where two tins bumped against each other. We are offering a discount on these tins. This is a good chance to grab some new JSB pellets at a reduced price.  Look under clearance items to locate the sale pellets.
JSB .177 Heavy - $9.45
JSB .22 Heavy - $12.00
JSB .25 King - $12.45