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Welcome to Straight Shooters Precision Airguns, LLC.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Precision Adult Airguns. Straight Shooters has been in business since 1997 providing quality airguns and accessories to the shooting community. Straight Shooters is excited to offer a large selection of airgun products from some of the most well known and respected names in the airgun industry. Whether purchasing a first airgun or enhancing a collection, the beauty and quality of our adult airguns will be a source of pride for any shooter. To satisfy all your airgunning needs, Straight Shooters also offers quality airguns and accessories from companies such as: Air Arms, Beeman, BKL, B-Square, Benjamin Sheridan, Bushnell, Cometa, Crosman, Dynamit Nobel (RWS),  Eun Jin, Evanix, Hawke, Hill, IZH, JSB, Leapers, Leupold, Shooting Chrony, Theoben, Weihrauch and many others.

Our airgun manufacturers have provided top quality products to generations of airgun shooters. Their airguns are built for dependability and accuracy, with safety in mind. Straight Shooters is dedicated to providing quality airgun products and accessories for all levels of airgun expertise. We can offer match grade products for the serious competitor, powerful sporters for the hunters and a wide variety of airguns for the weekend plinker. Whatever your needs, Straight Shooters will endeavor to make your airgunning recreation as enjoyable as possible.

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