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Benjamin Sheridan

Benjamin Sheridan, a part of the Crosman pellet gun empire offers a variety of air rifles and air pistols for the airgun market.  Choose between the Discovery or the very popular Marauder if you're looking for an excellent, entry level PCP (pre-charged) air rifle. Both rifles can be charged with the Benjamin Sheridan hand pump.
Or if you'd rather try an airgun pistol, the Marauder is offered in air pistol configuration also. And don't overlook their gas piston rifles which have exploded onto the pellet gun scene over the past couple years. The Trail XP series of rifles in .177, .22 and .25 caliber offer tons of fun at a reasonable price.

Benjamin .25 Pellets

Round Nose .25 Pellets

Out of stock

The Benjamin round nose pellet caries the quality of the Crosman pellets to the .25 caliber rifles.  Weighing in at the upper end of medium the pellets will provide the opportunity for excellent in most .25 air guns. These are high quality, precision, heavy weight pellets which will preform well for long range shooting.  The Benjamin are designed to complement the power and accuracy of medium to magnum powered PCP air guns although these premium pellets can enhance the performance of any and all pcp power airguns.

Head Type
27.50 gr.
Round Nose


$12.00 (save 17 %)
Benjamin Sheridan Cylindrical .20

Cylindrical .20 Pellets

The Benjamin Sheridan Cylindrical was designed for shooters who wanted a heavy pellet with exceptional energy retention.  The unique shape of this pellet makes it a good choice for the big magnum air guns.  Built with the Crosman attention to detail and consistency the Benjamin Sheridan Cylindrical pellet will please you while worrying your pests with it's massive energy retention.

Head Type
14.30 gr.
Round Nose


$13.99 (save 7 %)
Benjamin Sheridan Marauder .25 Wood

High Power, Bolt Action, Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP)

Ultra Quiet, Multi-Shot, Dual Fuel Compressed Air/CO2 Air Rifle
10-Shot Rotary Magazine

The new Marauder in an eye-catching, adjustable hardwood stock, features an ambidextrous raised comb and are well balanced for carrying in the field. This powerful PCP air rifle offers all the features essential for pest management and hunting small to medium sized game. The choked and internally shrouded barrel provides both precision and ultra-hushed operation, producing the most accurate and quietest rifle in its class. The two-stage, adjustable, match-grade trigger system insures every shot is smooth and stable. With the innovative 10-round magazine, follow-up shots are quick and confident. Equipped with a built-in pressure gauge and quick-disconnect Foster fittings, this gun is quick and easy to fill.


What's New

  • Wood stock designed and balanced with field carry in mind. Features an adjustable comb for a custom fit.
  • Moved the trigger rearward where, when combined with the redesigned stock, provides a more comfortable hand position.
  • Ambidextrous bolt - First built for the Marauder Pistol, it's now been adapted to the rifle. The "mouse hole" / bolt stud protrusion has also been eliminated for a cleaner look and to keep the action debris-free.
  • Simplified the breech design for assembly, service and to provide a more stable platform for larger scopes.
  • Made top secret changes to the valve resulting in a 12% power increase and a 30% increase in shot count (.22 & .177).
  • Factory installed de-pinger changes the sharp "ping" to a dull thud resulting in a less-perceived noise level.


Additional Features

  • Multi-Shot, Bolt Action, PCP Hunting Air Rifle          
  • Up to 16 consistent shots per fill
  • Adjustable, two-stage, match-grade trigger         
  • 8-round magazine delivers fast follow up shots        
  • Rifled, shrouded barrel        
  • 50 foot pounds of energy (fpe)     
  • Dovetail mounting rail       
  • Sling mounts

Special Note: Charging the Marauder requires a Foster Female-Standard. The Foster Female-Standard is included with the Benjamin Sheridan handpump. It is not included with the Hill or the Scuba Adapter and must be purchased separately.

Technical Data for the Benjamin Sheridan Marauder:

Total Weight 8.2 lbs
Overall Length 43"
Stock Ambidextrous
Sights Scope Required
Mounting Method 11mm Dovetail
Caliber .177, .22, .25
Cocking Method Bolt
Cocking Effort Low
Recoil Rating N/A
Power Plant Pre-Charged Pneumatic **
Shot Capacity Magazine

** As with all PCP rifles an external air supply is needed but not supplied with the rifle.  Ask about our hand pumps and scuba adapters.



$609.99 (save 16 %)
Marauder Air Rifle Magazine .177

Use With: Benjamin Sheridan Marauder .177

Additional 10 shot magazines for the Benjamin Sheridan Marauder .177 caliber air rifle   Use it as an extra when out in the field or as a replacement.

$25.00 (save 26 %)
Marauder Air Rifle Magazine .22

Use With: Benjamin Sheridan Marauder .22

Additional 10 shot magazines for the Benjamin Sheridan Marauder .22 caliber air rifle   Use it as an extra when out in the field or as a replacement.

$25.00 (save 26 %)
Marauder Pistol Magazine

Use With: Benjamin Sheridan Marauder Pistol

Additional 8 shot Benjamin Sheridan .22 caliber pistol magazine. 

$21.50 (save 14 %)
Marauder Single Shot Tray-.177

Use With: Benjamin Sheridan Marauder .177

Turn your Marauder into a single shot target rifle with the additon of the single shot loading tray.  Useful when you want the precision of a single shot load or as a backup to your magazine. The single shot tray is a must for any Marauder shooter.