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BKL Technologies has been known as a top producer of premium rifle and air gun mounts. Using a BKL mount on your air rifle is a good way to make sure that your scope mount will never slip or slide on the scope rail and the scope will stay in place.  BKL mounts are self-centering which results in better scope mounting and truer results.


Made in the USA the BKL scope mounts are a truly a high quality airgun scope mount.

BKL 263H 2 Piece Mounts

Fixed 2 Piece  High 1" (Rings) 11mm (Base) Mounts

BKL offers the 263 2 piece scope mount in 2 configurations. Choose between the fixed medium or high version. The mounts all solidly fasten onto the dovetail or scope rail. These mounts, like all BKL mounts are sturdy and strong. Once tightened onto a dovetail or scope rail, they simply don't move.
The 263 is a medium high 2 pc. fixed mount to be used with scopes tobjectives up to 45mm
The 263H is a high fixed mount to be used with scopes objectives up to 56mm

$42.50 (save 39 %)
BKL 301 2 Piece Mounts

Fixed 2 Piece High 30mm (Rings) 11mm (Base) Doublestrap Mounts

In stock


General Features

  • Overall length: 1"
  • Clamp length: 1"
  • Ring width: 1"
  • Weight: 4.4 oz.

The BKL Model 301 a two piece set of mounts ideal for long scopes where you want to spread out the support along a long scope tube.  The BKL-301is a sturdy double-strap set of rings good for all rifles and shooters.  With plenty of clamping power and a self centering design this mount is must for the serious shooter.

$60.00 (save 38 %)
BKL 466S 2 Piece Risers

Fixed 2 Piece Medium 14mm to 11mm Riser-Silver

The 466S is a 2 pc. 14mm to 11mm riser meant to fit on guns that have 14mm scope rails rather than the standard 11mm rails or dovetails. Beeman P1's and P11's, for instance, have 14mm dovetails making it hard to use a scope or red dot. But not any more. Just put on this riser and use any standard 11mm mount on the top of the riser. This product will also give a little extra height for the gun's mount whenever extra height is wanted or needed. These risers, being very short in length work beautifully with 2 pc mounts.