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Flitz is a company that makes a series of excellent waxes and polishes. Some can be used as a steel polish and an aluminum polish, others can be used as a general metal polish. They even have products to be used as a car polish. We use Flitz products in the shop on our air rifles and air pistols to clean and polish barrels and wood stocks. There are few polishing products more versatile than Flitz products. Give them a try and you'll be happy with the results.

Flitz Granite and Marble Cleaner

Cleaning, General purpose cleaner

This is one amazing cleaner, designed and marketed as a granite and marble cleaner it works on practically any household surface including:
Granite, Marble, Corian,® Formica,® Wilsonart,® Nevamar,® Avonite,® Swanstone,® Silestone,® Gibraltar,® Fountainhead,® Cultured Marble, Fiberglass,® Plexiglass,® Ceramic Tile, Plastics and more.

We first saw this product at a vendor show when we were looking for the Flitz Gun wax. The rep for Flitz really knew his products and after some chit chat we mentioned we had a couple of "honey do" projects one of which was the yearly service work on the counter tops. Well the rep mentioned they had a couple of products that may just do the trick for us. We grabbed the Granite and Marble cleaner and Granite Wax+ and never looked back.

The Flitz Granite and Marble cleaner did such a great job that other uses were quickly explored. The thought was, if it is good for counter tops how about tile floors, bathtubs, sinks and anything else I could think of. Finally I tried it on the body of my motorcycle and was amazed at how well it cleaned without scratching the surface.

Give the Flitz products a try we know you will like them.

Flitz Granite Wax +

Maintenance, Protective wax for metal and other surfaces

The Flitz Granite Wax+ seals and protects against damage caused by hard water, miner deposits, food, wine, and many other environmental hazards.
This easy to use Wax is as simple as spray on and wipe off to achieve a protective coating on the surface.
You can use this wax on a wide variety of surfaces including:
all metals, porcelain enamel, oil-rubbed bronze. granite, marble, Corian,® Formica,® Wilsonart,® Nevamar,® Avonite,® Swanstone,® Silestone,® Gibraltar,® Fountainhead,® Cultured Marble, Fiberglass,® Plexiglass,® ceramic tile, plastics and more.

Special note - The Granite Wax+ will put down a shinny slippery coating on any surface it is applied to. DO NOT apply to floors or other surfaces where slipping may be a hazard.

Flitz Gun/Knife Care Kit

Flitz Gun & Knife Care Kit

Clean, Polish & Protect.

Whether you are an avid sportsman or world-class collector, this kit is exactly what you need to clean, polish & protect your knives, guns, and swords. Recommended by hunters and collectors for hunters and collectors.

GUN & KNIFE CLEANER: Degreasing formula.  Anti-Smear.  Use on stainless steel & nickel firearms & knives.  Safe on interior & exterior of the bore.

GUN & KNIFE WAX: A premium, white carnauba and beeswax formula that provides exceptional results on gun bluing, polished or hand-rubbed stocks, stainless and nickel firearms.
Removes and Protects Against: Rust, Fingerprints, Water Stains, Powder Residue, Tree Sap, Blood, Salt Deposits, Lime Deposits and More!

Why this product is best: Safe on the Interior and Exterior of the Bore, Will not attract dust or Wash Off in Rain, Water-based, Contains no Solvents, UV and Acid Rain Protection, Easy to apply and Buff Off, Protects up to 6 Months.


FLITZ POLISH: This product will clean your stainless, nickel or HOT BLUED gun.  Will remove powder residue, fingerprints, rust, etc without harming the surface. 

Kit Contains:

(1) Flitz Gun & Knife Cleaner 1.7oz
(1) Flitz Polish-Paste 1.7oz
(1) Flitz Rifle Gun & Knife Wax Protectant 1.7oz
(1) 16" x 16" Premium Microfiber Cloth