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FX Impact M3 DFL Compact Black

FX Impact M3 DFL Compact Black
  • FX Impact M3 Compact
  • FX Impact M3 Compact
  • FX Impact M3 Compact
  • FX Impact M3 Compact
  • FX Impact M3 Compact
  • FX Impact M3 Compact
  • FX Impact M3 Compact
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SKU FX-Impact-MK3-DFL-22-Comp-Black
Manufacturer FX
Market price $2199.99
Our price $2079.99
FX Impact MK3 Compact Black

FX Impact M3 Compact .22, .25, .30

 .22, .25 & .30 Out of Stock

Incredible Shot Count
Externally Adjustable Dual Regulators


The FX Impact defines what a modern airgun can be. A rifle without limits. It is a once in a generation rifle. A rifle that advances and evolves to push the boundaries of what compressed air can achieve. The Impact M3 once again redefines this high standard with groundbreaking advancements, upgrades, and a sole unwavering focus on creating the most advanced, most accurate, and most capable airgun you’ll ever shoulder.

The improvement within the M3 start with its dual regulators. The 1st regulator pre-reduces the air pressure in preparation for the 2nd regulator. This provides less stress on the 2nd regulator and achieves a more constant output pressure with less standard deviations.

The FX Power Plenum 720 is the new energy source of the Impact M3. This larger diameter plenum and its 72cc volume of compressed air provides both the precise amount of air and the power needed to propel the projectile. This new plenum works in coordination with the M3’s porting and valving to deliver the best power and efficiency available.

One of the most substantial upgrades to the Impact M3 is the user interface to the rifle: The Quick Tune System. This essentially tool-free system encompasses everything a shooter could use to fine tune their rifle’s accuracy, allowing unlimited possibilities. Adjust the air pressure the rifle is using via the dual regulators, how long the valve stays open with the front valve adjuster, and now adjust the strength of the hammer with the completely redesigned micro and macro power adjustments. The Rear Macro Power Wheel is a 16-step power wheel that adjusts the strength of the hammer in increments of 5-15 FPS (depending on caliber and reg pressure). This works in conjunction with the Micro Fine Adjustment. This tunes the hammer strength in incredibly small increments of just 1-2 fps with each click of the barrel roller, all at your fingertips. The combination of these is unrivaled in the airgun world!

Other improvements are vast and include an ambidextrous short throw cocking lever with enlarged handle, dual transfer ports on most calibers, tightened barrel housing tolerances to provide a tighter fit and better accuracy to the rifle, tightened breech tolerances to house the Side-Shot Magazine, an updated trigger that provides a crisp second stage break while also allowing the trigger post to move forward or back, 20 MOA built into the scope rail, Dual Wika manometers, and an abundance of forthcoming optional accessories including the revolutionary new FX Integrated Harmonic Barrel Tuner..

The FX Impact is firmly seen as the greatest airgun made. The proof is undeniable. Shooters flock to the FX Impact, competition lines are dominated with the presence of this rifle, and shooters continue to expand what an air rifle can do with one rifle; the FX Impact. Why? It performs, it delivers, and it continues to provide the foundation for innovation. The FX Impact M3 advances the claim: the FX Impact M3 is the most advanced, most exciting and most accurate air rifle available.

Available in three configurations: Compact 500mm barrel, Standard 600mm barrel and Sniper 700mm barrel.

Note: Muzzle energy listed in the specifications of each rifle is for the maximum setting. Due to differences in regulations the rifle might be set to a lower muzzle energy from the factory. Contact your dealer for more info.

This tactical, compact, high power, lightweight wonder gun will be a benchmark for years to come. With all these features wrapped into one rifle, the FX Impact is sure to make just that…a huge Impact in the airgun
Includes Donny FL Moderator

Technical Data for the FX Impact M3 Standard:

Total Weight
.22, .25 & .30

6.10 lb
Overall Length
.22, .25 & .30

.22, .25 & .30
Smooth Twist X
Stock Ambidextrous
Sights Scope Required
Mounting Method Picatinny
Caliber .22, .25, .30
Cocking Method Side Lever (change to left or right)
Cocking Effort Low
Recoil Rating N/A
Power Plant Pre-Charged Pneumatic **
Air Capacity 300cc Carbon Fiber Bottle
Fill Pressure 3625psi (250 Bar)
Shot Capacity
Magazine (Side-Shot)
 Shot Count

330 Shots
160 Shots
105 Shots

** As with all PCP rifles an external air supply is needed but not supplied with the rifle.  Ask about our Hand Pumps, Compressors and Scuba Adapters.

Velocity fps
Muzzle Energy
.22 Using Slug kit and slugs
79 fpe
.25 Using Slug kit and slugs
89 fpe
Using Slug kit and slugs
124 fpe

Note: above figures are maximum FAC Power output using slug ammunition and slug powerkit.


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