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FX Airguns was founded by Fredrik Axelsson in the small picturesque town of Mariestad, Sweden in 1999. As a passionate airgun enthusiast, he was constantly on the look for the best airgun available. When Fredrik didn’t find what he was looking for, he started on the journey to create the airgun of his dreams. Two decades later, he has more than succeeded. The highly skilled FX team (with Fredrik at its helm) has since its small beginnings, relentlessly introduced cutting edge technologies that has propelled the airgun industry into a new era where FX Airguns are globally considered an industry leader. As intricate as their guns are, the philosophy behind their creations is quite simple; to provide the most exceptional airgun in every possible way; and so, they have. FX Airguns are lovingly handcrafted by a team of over 50 Swedish craftsmen and engineers that have honed their skills to perfection; and airgun lovers worldwide have rightfully come to expect much from them. An FX Airgun won’t leave the factory until it has been thoroughly tested in all aspects of its masterfully engineered capacities. FX Airguns provide superior accuracy, dependable consistency, as well as being remarkably quiet, efficient and extremely powerful. Inevitably, FX Airguns are known for outperforming their competition with ease. Their merit list is long. FX Airguns have been a trailblazer for the airgun industry since its inception. They have more patents, unique innovations and are more technologically advanced than any other airgun manufacturer existing today. The backbone of FX Airguns has always been and will always be their deep passion for the airgun sport and their drive to outperform yesterday. With new technology always pushing the limits of what is possible, who knows what incredible airguns are yet to be invented, in the cradle of the minds from Mariestad.
DreamLine Barrel Band

DreamLine Barrel Band
In Stock

Designed for the FX DreamLine air rife models the barrel band offers additional support for consistent accuracy.  The barrel band will fit all FX DreamLine air rifles with the air tube.  It does not fit the bottle version of the DreamLine series.

Easy to install and made from anodized aluminum the barrel band is an excellent accessory for the accuracy buff.

FX .30 Caliber Wildcat Magazine

FX .30 Caliber Magazine - Wildcat

Clearance Priced


Spare.30 caliber magazine for the FX Wildcat

$45.99 (save 65 %)
FX Impact Magazine .22

FX Impact Magazine .22

Clearance Priced


Magazine for the .22 caliber Impact.  This is a 18 shot self indexing magazine for the FX Impact.

$99.75 (save 40 %)
FX Impact Magazine .25

FX Impact Magazine .25

Clearance Priced


Magazine for the .25 caliber Impact.  This is a 16 shot self indexing magazine for the FX Impact.

$99.75 (save 40 %)
FX No Limit Picatinny Mount 2 pc 1" Adjustable

Adjustable 2 Piece High 1" (Rings) Picatinny (Base) Mounts

Easy to adjust for droop (elevation). These FX mounts are double screw, for use with weaver mounting rails and 1" tube bodies.

$89.99 (save 22 %)
STX Barrel Slug Liner A

FX Smooth Twist X Barrel Slug Liner A

The initial round of FX Smooth Twist X Slug liners have been developed around the Nielson Specialty Ammo line of precision hunting slugs (picked due to the demand from the market place).
These liners will work well with any quality slug made to these specifics:

1 - Bore dimension listed below
2 - Listed weight range
3 - Correct regulator setting

.22 caliber - 21-28gr slugs sized .218
.25 caliber - 34-40gr slugs sized .250

FX recognizes that there are other equally comparable precision slug manufacturers and we will continue to develop slug liners to add to the
series. They will also work to add additional caliber options.

Lighter slugs will shoot better out of shorter 500mm barrels.
Heavier boat tail shaped slugs may not fit in the current magazine design and will need to be single
loaded. For optimum accuracy, only use swaged slugs sized correctly to the bore.

* The FX Impact, Crown and Wildcat .30 ship standard with the Smooth Twist X Barrel, which includes the Smooth Twist X  "A" barrel  liner.
The FX Wildcat & FX Dreamline come standard with the FX Smooth Twist X barrel system  which includes the smooth twist barrel liner. This is not the Smooth Twist X "A" liner.
The STX Pellet Liner A, Liner B and Slug Liner are available upgrades for these rifles.

The "A" liner is included as the original barrel and liner in all of the Impact, Crown guns. 
The liner alternative for the Impact and Crown would be to change to the B liner or Slug liner.
The Wildcat and Dreamline can change to the X barrels by purchasing the A Liner, B Liner or Slug Liner and using it with the original barrel shipped on the gun.
Changing your airguns caliber requires a new barrel kit i.e. changing from a .22 to .25 require the .25 barrel kit and then any additional B Liners or Slug Liners you may want.
Listed below are the barrel liners and the guns they will work with, based on the original barrel length. 
If you want to change the barrel liner length you need to match the barrels length (i.e. 500-500 not 500-600) so make sure you have the correct length barrel installed.
500mm -  .22 Crown & Wildcat
500mm -  .25 Wildcat Compact
600mm - .22  Wildcat, Crown & Impact
600mm - .25 Wildcat, Crown & Impact
700mm - .22 & .25, All Impact, Crown & Wildcats with 700mm barrel installed
$129.99 (save 62 %)
STX Superior Liner .25

STX Superior Liner .25

The groundbreaking Smooth Twist X barrel liner has been further perfected. FX Airguns proudly introduces the new FX Superior Smooth Twist X Barrel Liner (or FX Superior STX). These new superior liners are just that, superior in every way.

The new Superior STX barrel liners are still created using the patented way of pressing the rifling into the barrel from the outside; but this is now done with a higher degree of precision, lower tolerance, and some other slight modifications that result in a superior liner to the standard STX liners.

There are two lines of liners being released for most calibers; a standard Superior STX Liner and a Superior STX Heavy Liner.
The standard FX Superior STX Liner is created to shoot standard weight pellets and Hybrid Slugs. Indoor 100 yard side by side testing has confirmed that these new Superior STX Liners shoot the standard pellets even better than the previous STX Pellet Liner! Keeping in mind the STX liner has the most championship win of any barrel at airgun competitions, that is a strong statement!

The standard Superior STX Liner also maximizes the accuracy of the ground-breaking FX Hybrid Slug. Early testing has also indicated lighter weight slugs from some manufacturers may also shoot well.
The FX Superior STX Heavy Liner will be replacing the STX Slug A liners. ‘Heavy’ denotes that this liner has a different twist rate better suited for heavier pellets and heavier slugs (as apposed to lighter Hybrid Slugs and some manufacturers light weight slugs).

The Smooth Twist X barrel liner system revolutionized how barrels were made with its ability to swap out liners and easily tailor the barrel to the projectile both now and with future developments. The FX Superior STX Liner showcases the brilliance and versatility of the STX Barrel system by allowing existing FX Airgun owners to upgrade and retrofit their rifle. It is certainly an exciting time to own an FX Airgun!



$129.99 (save 38 %)