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Hand pumps are the #1 method  or system used by air gun shooters for charging their PCP air rifles. And if a hand pump is what you need for your PCP, then check out the 3rd generation Hill Hand Pump. The newest 3rd generations hand pump takes less pumping and less effort to fill a PCP air gun. A lot of dealers have a hand pump for sale and sometimes more than one brand too. But if the Hill hand pump with it's Dry Pac is not included in their line-up, then they are missing the best of the hand pumps on the market.

Hill Dry Pack Refill

Maintenance, Dry Pack Refill beads for Hill handpumps

It's a good idea to replace the dessicant beads in your Hill Dry Pack every year or two. This inexpensive, handy pack of replacement beads makes it quick and easy to do. Pick up a pack or two and keep them on the shelf. It's nice to have them handy when you're ready to do the replacement.

$12.95 (save 39 %)
Hill Hand Pump-Gen 5

Charging, Hill handpump w/Dry Pack for Pre-Charged airguns

Clearance Price

The Hill Pump  is rigorously tested and backed by a twelve month warranty. Hill Pumps have been pump manufacturers since 1841 and have a distinguished pedigree in the air pump field.

The Hill pump comes standard with a 4500-psi gauge, precision-machined pressure chamber with brass fittings, heavy-duty connector hose, universal adapter and a replaceable Micron Filter. The Micron Filter is a unique replaceable filter system that minimizes potential contamination of your air rifle or pistol.

The standard pump hose and connector (1/8" BSP) works with all airguns with the standard PCP adapters.

The heavy duty construction and built-in replaceable filter is what sets the Hill pump apart. The replaceable filter can be changed periodically. We recommend an annual replacement cycle. Keeping the filter current can help maintain a clean airflow into your air rifle. We consider the filter to be a very nice feature of this pump.
Now included with each pump is the Dry Pack. The Dry Pack is a highly efficient moisture filter for use on your hill pump.

MK4 Hill Pump with Dry Pack - Maximum Capability 3500psi

New! MK5 Air Rifle Pump

  • Even easier to pump
  • Highest volume output
  • Field strip in less than 5 minutes
  • Patented pump and dry air system
  • Removes 90% of moisture from air



$299.99 (save 23 %)
Hill Maintenance Kit

Maintenance, Use with Hill Handpumps (Generation II or earlier)

Here is a maintenance kit for the Hill Handpump. It's meant for the shooter that wants to take his handpump apart and replace the ORings and relube the entire pump. The Hill Maintenance Kit contains all the necessary ORings, Spring, Replacement Valve and Filter to do the job. The lube (Silicone Lube) can be purchased separately.

Use the Maintenance kit for pumps made prior to May 1 2011
Use the Gen3 maintenance kit for the newer pumps with the tripple rings engraved in the top and bottom of the pump shaft.