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Information on International Orders and Procedures

For Straight Shooters to be able to process an international order for an air pistol, rifle or accessories, we follow our standing international order process. The steps are listed below. We will only ship an international order if all steps have been followed and satisfied.
Special Note: If any country prohibits the importing of Arms and Ammunition, we will not ship an air rifle, pistol or pellets to that country.

1) We will ship air rifles and pistols using the U.S. Global Mail system only. Accessories may be shipped by either US Global mail, UPS or Federal Express. However, UPS and FedEx will not ship rifles or pistols outside the continental United States.

2) We will use the international customs importation information provided to us by the U.S. Mail service to determine if there are any known prohibitions against exporting our products to your country. Many countries prohibit the importation of "Arms and Ammunition" and Airguns are often considered to be Firearms. If there are prohibitions against any or all of these classifications, we will not ship to your country. You may review your countries restrictions at http://ircalc.usps.gov/ .

3) If our research shows that we can ship an airgun product legally to your country, we will e-mail you a total price including the shipping charge and the bank wire transfer fee on our end. This pricing will not include any charges made by your bank for processing your wire transfer. The bank charge from your bank is over and above the pricing sent to you by Straight Shooters. Please send us an acknowledgement e-mail listing your exact shipping address and method of payment.

4) Payment for the items ordered may be made by bank wire transfer only (no personal checks or credit cards). If you would like to use a bank wire transfer, we will provide our international wire transfer bank information. There is an additional $30.00 fee for bank wire transfers. As explained in #3, your bank may also impose a fee for doing a wire transfer. That fee is your responsibility and is over and above the total price given to you by Straight Shooters. Straight Shooters will not accept credit card payment on international orders from new customers. However, we may do so if we have a credit card history with a known customer.
Upon receipt of the funds from your bank wire transfers, we will ship the items to the shipping address you provided.

5) Returns and exchanges must be shipped back to Straight Shooters. All costs for returns will be the responsibility of the customer including all shipping and import fees. Shipping costs will not be refunded on returned orders.

6) Straight Shooters is not responsible for any import fees, charges or assessments imposed by your country's import/custom agencies.

7) Straight Shooters is not responsible for any stolen or lost packages or packages confiscated by your countries import/custom agencies or your countries internal mail service provider. Once an order is delivered to your customs agency it becomes your responsibility for final delivery. If your order is detained by customs officials, it is the responsibility of the customer to negotiate with your countries relevant agencies on any loss incurred.

8) Straight Shooters is responsible for anything lost by the U.S. Mail service in delivering the packages to your countries import/custom agencies and will work with the U.S. Mail service if necessary to recover packages lost by the U.S. Mail service in transit.

9) Straight Shooters will not alter any pricing or product information on the International Shipping Forms or in any way give false information on the price of the ordered items. All international orders will ship with custom forms listing the contents and price paid for the items purchased.

Kevin Gilbride and Craig Porter Straight Shooters Precision Airguns, Inc. shooters@straightshooters.com