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Closed until Tuesdat 9/14/21
We will be closed until Tuesday 9/14/21
New Products - Pellets

We have added the Hatsan line of Vortex Strike pellets in .22, .25 and .30. The strike pellets are heavy round nose with an attractive price point.

Element Nexus 5-20x50 FFP Scope
Wildcat MKII .22 Wood
Have put the last Wildcat .22 Walnut stock on Clearance. Comes with the Smooth Twist barrel and standard regulator.
FX Crown Continuum

The long awaited FX Continuum .25's have arrived. Available in .25 Synthetic and .25 Yellowjacket laminate. The Continuum is supplied with both a short 380mm and long 700mm barrel to cover your close range hunting and long range shooting situations


Just received an HM1000X .25 red laminate thumbhole stocked rifle.  These rifles are considered a custom limited production rifle with a wait time of approx 26 weeks.  Grab it while it is in stock.

Clearnce Items
Added to the clearance isle are the RWS Model 34.22, RWS Model 460 .22 with scope and a Walther LGU Master .22. Great prices limited quantities.
New Arrivals

Check the New Arrival tab for the Hatsan Nova QE, a high powered high shot capacity low cost air rifle. The New FX Dreamline Classic Synthetic and Black Pepper Laminate stock. The New JSB Hades .22 pellets.

NEW JSB Hades .22 Modified Hollow Point pellets

JSB Hades .22 15.89 hunting pellets. New head design for maximum expansion in hunting situations.


We now have a limited supply of the FX Dream-Pup in .22 in stock.

FX Dream-Lite

The FX Dream-Lite .22 air rifle is here. At  5.5 lbs, 32 fpe, 80 shots and a DonnyFL moderator this is a rifle to pay attention to.

DonnyFl Moderators

We have added the DonnyFL Moderators for the FX Impact, Wildcat and any gun using the 1/2" UHF Threaded end.

Nomad II Compressor

The new Nomad II 4500 psi compressors have arrived and are ready for immediate shipping

FX Bobcat Clearance
We are clearing out the last of the FX Bobcat .25 and .30 rifles. The price has been reduced another $150.00 to $1,549.99 for the remaining .25 and .30 Bobcats. No rain checks or backorders. When the on shelf guns are sold the price will return to $1,699.99.
RAW HM1000X .25

Just arrived Rapid Air Weapons HM1000X .25 Walnut T/H with new CFOS moderator.  Only one in stock and it won't last long. SOLD


FX Crown .25 Synthetic

We have the new FX Crown .25 Synthetic in stock. The Crown excels at hunting and long range accuracy.

Back in service
We are back in the office today. Thanks for your patience while we were closed.
Temporary Closure
We will be closed Thursday 4/12/18 - Wednesday 5/16/18. You can still place an online order but no items will ship until Wednesday 5/16/18 Sorry I will not have Email or Phone access until I return.
Athlon Scopes

We are now carrying the Athlon Talos 4-14x44, Argos 6-24x50 and Argos 8-34x56 scopes. These are First Focal Plane (FFP) scopes at a very reasonable price.

JSB .30 Heavy Sale
Limited special offer on JSB .30 Heavy pellets $12.95 per tin. Special buy on two cases of .30 heavy pellets when the pellets are gone so is the special. Buy now before they are all gone.
Price Reduction on Air Arms Pellet
Check out the price reductions on all Air Arms pellets. Remember when ordering pellets, two larger tins or three smaller tins can ship USPS for only $7.25. Generally 10 tins can ship USPS for $14.00 so plan your pellet purchase to save on shipping.
1/2" UNF Stackable Moderator
Make your pcp air gun backyard friendly by adding the new 1/2" UNF moderator to any standard air gun with the male 1/2" threaded end. Available in .22 and .25 caliber.
Karl Airguns
We have added the Puncher Jumbo and Puncher Pitbull Dual Tank air guns to our lineup. Kral airguns are known for affordable prices and quality construction. See our current offerings under Manufactures, Kral.
New Beeman R7
We now have the new Beeman R7 with front sights. Beeman has gone back to open sights and the longer barrel in the latest version of the Famous R7
Air Arms Pellets
We are now carrying the Air Arms line of pellets. The pellets include the: .177 Diabolo Express 7.87 gr, .177 Diabolo Field 8.4 gr, .177 Diabolo Field Heavy 10.3 gr .22 Diabolo Field 16 gr, Diabolo Field Heavy 18 gr .25 Diabolo Field 25.4 gr
FX Impact
The shipment of FX Impact rifles finally arrived. Currently we have the .22 black, .25 black and .30 black and silver caliber rifles on the shelf and ready to ship.
$30-$75 Cash Back

Buy selected products from Air Arms, Beeman FWB and Hill and receive a cash back rebate The distributor is offering a rebate of $30.00 - $75.00 for the purchase of selected products purchased between 10/1/16 - 3/1/17. Check here for the list of products and rebate form.

New JSB Lead Free Pellets

JSB has introduced the new GTO lead free pellet series. Currently available in .22 and .25 calibers. View the pellets here GTO .22, GTO .25

Hawke - AirMax 30 FS Scopes

We have added the Hawke AirMax 30 SF series of scopes to our line up. The AirMax 30 feature 30mm tubes solid construction and a heavy recoil rating. View the scope options 3-12x50, 4-16x50, 6-24x50, 8-32x50

20% Sale Special
We have put several airguns on sale at a 20% discount. From the main pages scroll down tot he tabs and select "on Sale"