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Nielsen Specialty Ammo

Manufacturer of popular slugs for air rifles
Nielsen Slug

Nielsen Slugs .25 33.5 gr, 36.2 gr, 38.5 gr

Quality Hollow Point slugs made for air rifles.  Sold in a variety of weights

Based on testing results it seems any of the HP .250 slugs can be tuned for FX slug liners.  Some guns may like one weight better than another.  Testing so far has been with the 33.5, 36.2 and 38.5 grain.  38.5 grain is heaviest we recommend to fit the FX magazine.

At this time, we do not expect these to work in original smooth twist FX barrels but should be OK in the new Slug X barrel by FX. 

Do not buy these or any slug for standard smooth twist FX barrels.

These do work in Smooth Twist X barrel SLUG liners. 

Nielsen .25 Slugs
Weight 33.5 36.2         38.5        
Length .330 3.44        3.58         
Diameter .2495-.250 .250        .250        
BC .96 1.0        1.0        
Quantity 275 275       250