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Marauder Air Rifle Magazine .177

Use With: Benjamin Sheridan Marauder .177

Additional 10 shot magazines for the Benjamin Sheridan Marauder .177 caliber air rifle   Use it as an extra when out in the field or as a replacement.

$25.00 (save 26 %)
Marauder Single Shot Tray-.177

Use With: Benjamin Sheridan Marauder .177

Turn your Marauder into a single shot target rifle with the additon of the single shot loading tray.  Useful when you want the precision of a single shot load or as a backup to your magazine. The single shot tray is a must for any Marauder shooter.

Monster 22 Redesigned 25.39 grain

Cylindrical .22 Pellets

Out of Stock

The JSB Exact Redesigned Monster .22 is a new twist on an old pellet.  The cylindrical shape has been around for years and proven the design as a long range hunting pellet.  As a heavy weight pellet it will hold its energy downrange which makes it ideal for hunting and pest control.  The JSB Monster is a must try pellet if you are shooting one of hte super magnum pcp air rifles.  It is not suited for low to medium powered airguns.

Head Type
25.39 gr.
Round Nose



$11.99 (save 17 %)
MP5 Metalophilic Oil

MP5 Metalophilic Oil

In Stock

  • Metalophilic MP-5 oil
  • Cleans and prevents rust & corrosion
  • 4 oz.

Air Venturi Metalophilic MP-5 oil penetrates the smallest crevices of your airgun and protects against corrosion and rust. This oil neutralizes sweat and salt and doesn't trap moisture. This oil eventually dries into a non-gumming, lubricating film which lasts through almost indefinite storage. Extend the life of your airgun and pick up this rust inhibiting oil today!

Do NOT use Metalophilic MP-5 oil in the compression chamber of spring-piston airguns.

$6.00 (save 17 %)