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Paintball Adapter for Carbon Fiber Tank

Adapter, Paintball adapter for Pre-Charged airguns

Carbon Fiber tanks provide one of the best methods for filling your PCP airgun. But sometimes it can be hard to find a scuba shop in your area that can fill the Carbon Fiber tank to 4500 psi. If you don't have a scuba shop in your area that can charge to 4500 psi, check out paintball shops. Many paintball shops can fill tanks to 4500 psi and to do so they will need this adapter. Just take this into the shop with you when recharging is needed. Just unscrew the standard hose for charging your gun and screw in this paintball adapter. After the tank is recharged just unscrew the paintball adapter and screw in the hose for charging your gun and you're all set to go. It really is quick and simple and does not require tools.

Predator 22 - Short

Pointed 22 Pellets
Out of stock

The patented Predator Polymag is a premium quality hunting pellet which combines a hollow head with a sharp polymer tip for unsurpassed performance on small game. Whether ridding your garden of unwanted pests or stalking your favorite hardwoods in search of squirrel, experience excellent accuracy and efficiency when hunting with premium Predator Polymag hunting pellets.

The Predator Polymag was designed specifically to be the most effective and efficient airgun hunting ammunition available. To accomplish this goal, the following features were incorporated into the design:

The Innovative Head Design
The hollow head with sharp polymer tip delivers maximum penetration and shock to vital organs. With instant expansion on impact, the Predator Polymag cuts and shatters bone on contact.

The Lightweight, Aerodynamic Body
Offering excellent flight characteristics, the high ballistic coefficient allows for higher retained velocity and flat trajectory. The Predator Polymag allows the hunter to take game efficiently with match grade accuracy.

Head Type
16.00 gr.


$16.99 (save 18 %)