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Rapid Air HM1000X .25 Regulated LRT Black Laminate Right Hand

Rapid Air HM1000X .25 LRT Black Laminate Stock Regulated
Made in America

Out of Stock

Capable of sub 1-inch groups out to 100 yards, the HM1000x LRT by RAW Airguns is the ultimate in long range precision. The most accurate pre-charged pneumatic air rifle made in the USA has been designed with hunters and competitors in mind. The LRT combines reliability, accuracy, and American craftsmanship to provide a confidence in hand that is unmatched by any other air rifle.

At the heart of the LRT is the proven HM1000x receiver featuring our high-power tune allowing the LRT to create up to 50 foot-pounds of muzzle energy in .22 and 60 foot-pounds in .25. The fully regulated design ensures that shot strings are consistent and the 480-cc carbon fiber bottle ensures that you will have enough air on board for extended stays at the range or in the field. Every HM1000x LRT features a Lothar Walther, polygon rifled barrel that, after being fitted to the receiver, is tested to ensure accuracy before it leaves the factory.

The LRT stock provides excellent ergonomics and true ambidexterity. The pistol grip features generous palm swells, a steep grip angle, and a checkered finish for a positive, no slip grip. The forend sports a flat underside providing a solid contact surface for shooters wanting to use there HM1000x LRT from a benchrest. 5 M-Lok slots are integrated into the forend so that off the shelf accessories such as bipods, sling studs, and Q.D. attachments can be easily added without the use of specialty adaptors. The LRT stock’s cheek piece is height adjustable as well as the butt pad. The two can be adjusted in combination to give shooters the perfect position on the rifle to allow for maximum accuracy.

The HM1000x LRT fires from a rotary magazine that holds 12 shots in .22 and .25, 9 shots in .30, and 7 shots in .357. Single Shot trays are also available for those wanting to hand load their rifles. The side lever cocking mechanism offers unmatched smoothness as well as hardened steel linkage ready for a lifetime of shooting. The trigger is a fully adjustable version of our TM1000 target trigger with an added safety catch and features polished and hardened steel parts for durability and smoothness.

The RAW HM1000x LRT builds on the heritage of its forbearers while adding updated features that hunters and competitors have asked for, combining to create the pinnacle airgunning experience. Whether in the field or on the competition firing line, RAW delivers.


Technical Data for the Rapid Air HM1000X:

Total Weight 10.4 lbs
Overall Length 47"
Stock Right Hand Laminate
Sights Scope Required
Mounting Method Integrated Picatinny Rail
Caliber .25
Cocking Method Sidelever
Cocking Effort Low
Recoil Rating N/A
Power Plant Pre-Charged Pneumatic **
Shot Capacity 12 Magazine

** As with all PCP rifles an external air supply is needed but not supplied with the rifle.  Ask about our hand pumps and scuba adapters.

Velocity fps
Muzzle Energy
980 fps
60 fpe


$2299.95 (save 9 %)
RWS 230-0597 1 Piece Mount 30mm

Fixed 1 Piece High 30mm (Rings) 11mm (Base) Drooper Mount

These mounts are designed specifically to be used with RWS rifles. RWS rifles are known to have barrel droop and these mounts were designed to counteract the droop. The scopes are fixed so there are no small screws to loosen up over time and there is .025" of droop compensation built in. The mounts also feature 2 stop pins that lower into the 2 indentations on RWS scope rails. The mount is available with 1" rings or 30mm rings.

RWS LP-8 .177

Spring Powered Pistol
In Stock

RWS has a new pistol in their repertoire and it's called the LP8. It is spring piston powered and very powerful. RWS rates the velocity at 700 fps. Just take a look at some of the features for this gun and we're sure it will peak your interest.
* Rifled Barrel
* Fiber Optic sights
* Auto Safety
* Adjustable Trigger
* Spring Piston
* Break Barrel Action
* 11mm Dovetail
* Ambidextrous Stock

A few more facts about the LP8 are:
* 700 fps
* Weight = 3.3 lbs
* Cocking Effort - 24#
* Trigger Pull - 3.3 lbs.
* Barrel Length - 9.125 Inch
* Overall Length - 17.625 Inch

Be sure to check out this pistol. It's going to become very popular.

$349.99 (save 17 %)
RWS Super-H-Point .177

Hollow Point .177 Pellets

The RWS Super-H-Point is a lite weight hollow point pellet.   The Super-H-Point was developed specifically for field use and is able to deliver a shocking blow to small game. It's lite weight makes it a good choice for light and medium powered airguns.  Like any hollow point pellet the general shooting distance is short ot medium distance

Head Type
6.90 gr.


$12.00 (save 10 %)
RWS SuperDome .177

Round Nose .177 Pellets

The RWS SuperDome is a round nosed medium weight pellet. The SuperDome has the same high quality and accuracy characteristics as all RWS pellets which leads to consistency of shots. The SuperDome is ideal for target practice and general shooting.  The SuperDome works well in medium powered air guns but has also proven it's self in the higher powered air guns

Head Type
8.30 gr.
Round Nose


$12.00 (save 4 %)
RWS SuperDome .22

Round Nose .22 Pellets
Out of Stock

The RWS Superdome is a round nose (domed) pellet.  The Superdome in a light to medium weight pellet that works well in light to medium powered air guns and many of the standard magnum powered pcp air rifles.  Manufactured with the same high quality and accuracy characteristics as all RWS pellets.  The Superdome is ideal for target practice, hunting, pest control and general use.

Head Type
14.50 gr.
Round Nose


$10.00 (save 10 %)