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RWS is known for fine pellet guns and pellet gun products. The importer, Umarex, brings in all type of RWS products from rifles to pistols and accessories. RWS has been around for years and has always been known for high powered, accurate air rifles, excellent and consistent pellets and many cleaning and maintenance products. Whether looking for medium or high powered rifles, accurate pistols or accessories, check out all the RWS products.

Lube Application Needle

Maintenance, Use with RWS Spring Oil and Chamber Oil

For use with RWS or Beeman lubes & oils. Simply remove the caps from the lube bottles and screw on the applicator needle. Remember to rinse the needle after each use.

$8.00 (save 13 %)
RWS 230-0597 1 Piece Mount 30mm

Fixed 1 Piece High 30mm (Rings) 11mm (Base) Drooper Mount

Clearance Priced

These mounts are designed specifically to be used with RWS rifles. RWS rifles are known to have barrel droop and these mounts were designed to counteract the droop. The scopes are fixed so there are no small screws to loosen up over time and there is .025" of droop compensation built in. The mounts also feature 2 stop pins that lower into the 2 indentations on RWS scope rails. The mount is available with 1" rings or 30mm rings.

RWS Super-H-Point .177

Hollow Point .177 Pellets

The RWS Super-H-Point is a lite weight hollow point pellet.   The Super-H-Point was developed specifically for field use and is able to deliver a shocking blow to small game. It's lite weight makes it a good choice for light and medium powered airguns.  Like any hollow point pellet the general shooting distance is short ot medium distance

Head Type
6.90 gr.


$12.00 (save 10 %)
RWS SuperDome .22

Round Nose .22 Pellets
In Stock

The RWS Superdome is a round nose (domed) pellet.  The Superdome in a light to medium weight pellet that works well in light to medium powered air guns and many of the standard magnum powered pcp air rifles.  Manufactured with the same high quality and accuracy characteristics as all RWS pellets.  The Superdome is ideal for target practice, hunting, pest control and general use.

Head Type
14.50 gr.
Round Nose


$10.00 (save 10 %)
Spring Cylinder Oil

Maintenance, Use on all spring airguns

  This oil was formulated specifically for spring airguns. Just put a few drops (2-3) on the rifle's mainspring every 2500-3000 shots. NOTE: Do not use on gas ram airguns.

$13.65 (save 12 %)