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Shipping US Mail

Cheaper Shipping with US Mail

Standard shipping costs have gone through the roof.
Our standard shipper has issued yet another rate change that is proving to be very expensive for customers purchasing pellets and other small items.

To help our customers combat the rising cost of shipping we are now offering US Priority Mail as an option for small items and pellet orders.

Priority shipping costs range from $9.25 for a small flat rate box to $16.25 for a medium size flat rate box. Due to size NOT all items or orders are available for Priority shipping. For example due to the larger size of the tins we can only fit two tins of JSB .22, .25, 30 & .35 into a small flat rate mailer. In that same mailer we can generally fit three of the smaller Beeman, H&N and RWS pellet tins. We can fit multiple tins of pellets in the Medium Flat Rate box.
The medium box will hold approx. 16 of the larger JSB sized tins and 20 tins of the smaller tins. In addition to pellets we can ship most other items that fit into the boxes such as cleaning kits and mounts.

To receive your order using the US mail system just enter the message "Use Mail" in the Customer Note section when submitting your order. This will not work for all orders but we will pack your order using the least expensive method once your order is received. Be sure we have an address for mail delivery if you mailing is different than your UPS address.

Any savings will be refunded to your Credit Card or PayPal account once the order is processed. Note mail orders will generally be shipped the day after you order. Postal shipments are only done once per day generally first thing in the morning.

Pellet samplers do not travel well using priority mail and generally will ship with UPS.  We will still ship samplers using USPS mail to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico but within the lower 48 we will use UPS.