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STX Barrel Liner B

STX Barrel Liner B
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Smooth Twist X Liner - B

FX Smooth Twist X Barrel Liner B

The FX STX Pellet Liner B is a barrel liner that will accommodate pellets with a slightly larger head or skirt size. Some common pellets like the H&N Barracuda’s & JSB Monsters have a slightly larger head size or skirt size. These pellets perform better in the B liner compared to the A liner, particularly at longer distances.

Below are some popular pellets the B liners were made for.
They may also work with additional pellets of similar attributes.

.22 Caliber
JSB Exact Jumbo Monster Redesigned 25.39gr
H&N Barracuda 21.14 gr

.25 Caliber
JSB Exact King Heavy 33.95gr
H&N Barracuda 30.86 gr

* The FX Impact, Crown and Wildcat .30 ship standard with the Smooth Twist X Barrel, which includes the Smooth Twist X  "A" barrel  liner.
The FX Wildcat & FX Dreamline come standard with the FX Smooth Twist X barrel system  which includes the smooth twist barrel liner. This is not the Smooth Twist X "A" liner.
The STX Pellet Liner A, Liner B and Slug Liner are available upgrades for these rifles.

The "A" liner is included as the original barrel and liner in all of the Impact, Crown guns. 
The liner alternative for the Impact and Crown would be to change to the B liner or Slug liner.
The Wildcat and Dreamline can change to the X barrels by purchasing the A Liner, B Liner or Slug Liner and using it with the original barrel shipped on the gun.
Changing your airguns caliber requires a new barrel kit i.e. changing from a .22 to .25 require the .25 barrel kit and then any additional B Liners or Slug Liners you may want.
Listed below are the barrel liners and the guns they will work with, based on the original barrel length. 
If you want to change the barrel liner length you need to match the barrels length (i.e. 500-500 not 500-600) so make sure you have the correct length barrel installed.
500mm -  .22 Crown & Wildcat
500mm -  .25 Wildcat Compact
600mm - .22  Wildcat, Crown & Impact
600mm - .25 Wildcat, Crown & Impact
700mm - .22 & .25, All Impact, Crown & Wildcats with 700mm barrel installed
RWS 230-0597 1 Piece Mount 30mm
STX Barrel Liner A
STX Barrel Slug Liner A
STX Superior Heavy Liner
RWS 230-0597 1 Piece Mount 30mm STX Barrel Liner A STX Barrel Slug Liner A STX Superior Heavy Liner
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