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Over the years, when one hears the name Theoben, certain rifles come to mind. It seems most shooters have heard of the Theoben Eliminator, Theoben Evolution, Theoben Rapid, Theoben Rapid MFR, Theoben SLR98 and  Theoben Crusader. Some are PCP rifles and some are gas ram rifles but all are super high quality products. All are elegant and all are well built and dependable and known for their longevity, build quality, power and accuracy. When a shooter wants to get to the top of the food chain, they go with a Theoben rifle!

Theoben Rapid Bottle Charging Adapter

Adapter, Charging adapter for Rapid Pre-Charged airguns

This item is used for charging Theboen Rapid 400cc and 500cc air bottles. The adapter is threaded to fit any handpump, scuba adapter or carbon fiber tank hose. A Quick Fill Male can also be screwed on to allow for use with hoses that have a female quick fill.

$40.00 (save 25 %)