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Weihrauch has been a leader in the spring air gun field for years and years. Weihrauch guns are still the mainstay of the Beeman brand and whether under the Beeman name or Weihrauch name, they are known for high build quality and excellent accuracy. Weihrauch guns feature the famous Rekord trigger on most models such as the HW95, HW80, HW97K and HW77. Beeman calls those same guns the R9, R1, HW97K and HW77 respectively. And now Weihrauch offers the super fine regulated PCP called the HW100 and it has taken the market by storm. For the serious shooters that want a regulated PCP for field target competition, hunting or general shooting, the HW100 is the equal of anything out there on the market today. Take a look at all the Weihrauch products and see which one fits your needs best.

HW-100 Single Shot Tray-.22

Use With: HW-100 .22

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Turn your HW100 into a single shot target rifle with the additon of the single shot loading tray.  Useful when you want the precision of a single shot load or as a backup to your magazine. The single shot tray is a must for any HW100 owner.

$62.00 (save 44 %)